MLC ESB Sidearm Blaster *UPDATE 6* Pics Price & Sign-up List

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UPDATE 6 -06.25.03 Cast, gel-coated and painted :)


--End update 6--

UPDATE 5 -06.18.03 I think it's done!




I think he's done it folks! Looks like a near-perfect interpretation of the Marmit pistol to me! Another amazing job by MLC!
--End update 5--

UPDATE 4 -06.17.03 Revised barrel tip

--End update 4--

UPDATE 3 -06.17.03 New barrel tip, butt lip and more bondo

--End update 3--

UPDATE 2 -06.16.03 Bondo Progress Pics!!!




--End update 2--

UPDATE 1 -06.14.03 Progress Pics!!! <font size="1">posted by MaxPlague




--End update 1--


Mardon's got himself a Marmit Fett...and's itching to make the sidearm fiberglass!

I'm sure interested, anyone else?

Also, are there any other ref. pics that help w/ the detail on the blaster, or is the Marmit piece as accurate as it gets?

take care,

Mardon is my new hero. :D

I'd be interested site unseen. I know Mardon will to a good job of it.

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Mmmmm...this will be a cool piece, lemme know how it turns out! :D

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I started this project awhile ago but have put it on hold while setting up my new workshop. I could throw together the reference I gathered for my project if you think it'll help. Just let me know :)

I planned on doing basically the same thing, scaling the Marmit with what we know of the movie used pistol (which is very little since we have no pics of it out of the holster).

Here are my best pics of the sidearm:
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Phil (JMP) has good pics of his own 1:1 sidearm blaster, but it seems somewhat different from the Marmit version. Dunno for sure. Hopefully, he'll be glad to share his immaculate pics on here :)

MaxPlague - I would be honored to check out your reference pics and if you could kindly send 'em thru my e-mail (, I'll appreciate it! :)
Thanks man!

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Mardon, I'll gather up what I have and send it your way tonight.

Oh, and Phil's gun is a re-tooled Bespin security guard blaster based on the Nemrod Galeon speargun, that's why it doesn't look exactly like the Marmit pistol. :)
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mlcallanta wrote:

...MaxPlague - I would be honored to check out your reference pics and if you could kindly send 'em thru my e-mail (, I'll appreciate it! :)
Thanks man!


Sent ya an email of the pics I had on my office computer. I'll check my home computers tonight too for any others that might be of help. I'd send you my preliminary "blueprints" but I haven't looked at them for awhile and can't remember how finished they are.

good luck to you
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Color me interested!:) There's no way I'm going to pass up a piece like this, especially if it's going to be made in fg. I can barely wait to see the WIP pics, like your jp, Mardon!:D
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For you guys...I'll do anything :)

Okay, I've started on this project & will work on it over the weekend. I'll be sending WIP pics for you guys to check out & critique.

The Marmit version is simple & I cant see any greebles on it...but somehow, I really like its shape :)
It'll be a blast building this!

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After seeing what you're capable of doing with 'glass in the AWESOME jet pack I now have, I'd say you're definitely THE MAN for this job too, Mardon!8)(y). No doubt that this is gonna' turn out great!
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I am doing the ROTJ version but I wont let this pass. You can add me to the list for one, dont need to see pictures, your work is awesome Mardon.

Mardon, it would be also cool to see done the other parts of the armor that go with your chest armor, like shoulders and collar. I want those parts badly, I have been waiting for an accurate set of those parts for a long time, pleeeease. :)
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Not only do you do the impossible, but you do it in record time too.

I tip my bucket to you sir.

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