Mirta Gev


So I'm starting my first Armor (huzzah) and for some wonderful reason I'm going to try for Mirta Gev. For those of you who don't know Mirta is Boba's Granddaughter who had a Mando Father.

Now the book doesn't go into much detail about her armor just that:
- A BlasTech 515 gun (version one)- 100%
- Gun hoist - 0%
- Gray body armor 50%
- Heavy boots 100%
- Heart-of-fire 90%
- Helmet 100%

total progress: 73%

So far I've got planed this gray/black combo:



Soooo... any tips? It seems like I have all the freedom as to how it's going to look.

Wish me luck, mates.

Paint: $21
Plastic: $10
Bucket: Free
Gun: $0.69
Gloves: $7
Total spent (so far): $39
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The good thing about my custom, if I dont have my helmet done by C4, I can go bucketless, and since it is my character, it will be ok.

That being said, you are very lucky not to have a helmet, it will be a cheaper project for you, and you can spend some money on things other than the helmet that you want.

But mando helmets are pretty WIZARD!!
Hmm the trooper thing must have been just a notion.

I finally go the pants/shirt for the bottom. I just so happen to have pants with lots of straps and pockets and a thin turtle neck shirt laying around the house.
Well now that I got me some money (yey money) I can see what I can get online. I would like better if I could just make it (I wanna check out this sintra stuff) cus I want to change it around anyways. Went to my costume store and they disappoint me. fifty bucks fabric armor? Come on! Still looking around for other stuff I can use though.
The belt thing is too short to go around my chest, unless it make the back have a normal strap.

Man! What a day! One of those days where I just want to slap my forehead and say "doh!"

I was researching this sintra stuff and as I went deeper and deeper to figuring out what it is and how to use it I realized... that I have like two sheets of this stuff in my house! I just called it Foam Core! WHOA. And I can get more at work with employee discount.
Or if you wanted to keep it as a belt ,do the fett braided belt(maybe burgundy or gray color) and then wrap this metal belt around ontop of it. Sorta like Boba's leather ammo belt ontop the braided belt.
The chrome color against/ontop the burgundy or gray will give a nice contrast. Just a thought?? Feel free to post pics for us to see and to throw ideas out there for ya. Please don't be scared to show your ideas & progress as you haven't so far;-)
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that was a birthday gift a friend gave me; a belt only long enough to go around my waist. It was pretty cheep though and soon broke. I repaired it though now it's missing beads. I asked my friend where she got it, told me it came from this ghetto chain store called Pretty Girl.
Got Started oh my kneepad...things
I used the tubberware idea from Clay's thread. Got me some nice thick plastic, you know. But, you know, it was a bit too thick. I couldn't cut it. Had to burn the whole thing. Then sand paper the edges a bit. Almost done with them. All I have left for them is to add the strap and I wanna add a bullet hole on one of the knee pads, which means more burning fun for me!



Don't know if I should add darts on the sides. I do wanna keep it simple.
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