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Well, I started cogitating on that whole mic-in-the-helmet topic we had here a bit ago. Seems like the biggest hurdle is avoiding the feedback present when the mic and speaker are located too close to each other in the helmet. Preventing this results in moving the speaker to a position where it may produce sound from an "unnatural" location.

It took me awhile to get off my butt and actually look, but perhaps this is the answer; A throat mic, like those used by elite units and rescue teams wearing lots of protective equipment. Some have two apparatii that sit on either side of your throat and pick up the sounds you produce with your voicebox, others have just one. They are strapped on.

The real nice ones go for 400 to 500 bucks US. OUCH! I did find some that go for cheaper as the group-buy numbers increase;


looks like about half the price.

Another has only one thingy and goes for 130 dollars US;


Does anyone have any more info on this type of stuff? This would, in effect, allow the installation of a speaker in the front of the helmet. Resulting in a more realistic sound emanation. The mic would be concealed by the neck thing anyway. I'm sure that we have a couple geeks(said with utmost respect) here that would know how to attach a speaker to these. Perhaps a tiny amp in a belt pouch? What does everyone think?
sounds good, but kinda pricey like ya said. would these be able to hook up to the voice activated controls some people have for their rangefinder ect.?
From what I've understood, it's not so much feedback as it is muffled sound. There ARE ways to buffer the mic from the amp. The problem I've been hearing the most about is that there is no place on the helmet to mount speakers so they project the sound outside the helmet. Some folks with speakers inside the helmet say that people still have to lean in and say "What? I couldn't hear you." My helmet should be arriving this week, and I have a trooper buddy who swears he can make it work. Let's keep our fingers crossed. If he does manage to get it right, I WILL post pics and info. I too do not want my voice coming from my package. But, I can't afford to pay 500 clams for that convenience. I'd rather just tape my mouth shut and be a mute Jango.
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