Mercs takes over AdventureCon,


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Right to left: BigJohn, Jun Garros Fett, Novall Talon.

This was our first outing as a club and we really had an awesome time. We were honored to have Jeremy Bulloch himself pose with us for a pic on his site (which I'll be putting on the Mercs site asap =D )

We met quite a few people, handed out tons of cards and stickers aswell. It was just a blast for everyone! Those of you who I was lucky enough to meet and see in costume, I don't think anyone had a set of mando that wasn't impressive in the least.

Next stop: DragonCon!
Crixler, yeah it is pretty coincidental =D We actually spoke before I made my armor, because I didn't want him thinking that I was copying his. My SWG character wore white mando since 2004, and thats the character I'm portraying. We do have some pretty visible differences when you see us in person.

JW03, I really enjoyed seeing you in your armor...and thanks for giving me a hand with the killer rangefinder incident =D I'll be waiting for you to sign up!
Guys, I saw you all in costume, you looked absolutely amazing. I so wanted to get dressed in my Rose Mando, but I just didn't have time. I promise I'll be wearing it at Dragoncon. Thanks so much for coming! You were an awsome presence to have there, Mandos Unite!
You guys looked awesome. I wish I could had talked more to all the Mandos. It's always a sight to see so many Mandalorians in their battle gear.
Those of you going to DragonCon, just look for the Mercs flag flying in the Marriott =D

Have to say that all the customs I saw there looked amazing!
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