matching colors on armor?


I've looked at many of the threads on colors, etc, so if I've missed this one before, sorry. I am a huge fan of the search though. Anyways, I was wondering if any of the colors matched from piece to piece. For instance, does the red/rust color on the helmet match the color of the gauntlets (rotj version obviously), and the red on the jet pack? Are the shoulder pieces, knees, and part of the jet pack all the same color? Are the chest pieces the same color as anything else? Thanks all!
Pretty shure that all the armour pieces & cod are of the same darker green color. Shoulder & knee armour look to be pretty much the same. I'm pretty much as esb fan, so I'm not shure if the red on the helm mandibles matches the gauntlets, but the color looks pretty close to me-I think it may have to do w/ weathering more than diff. colors! Wish I could help more! :)
I did the ROTJ Fett suit. As far as *I* know, the red on the helmet matches the red on the gauntlets. The greens on all of the chest and back armor pieces match. The yellow-orange used on the shoulder bells match the knees, but this is NOT the same yellow used as "primer" on the chest armor (that color is "zinc chromate").

And before I forget, the helmet has 4 different greens on it, and none of them are the same as the green used on the chest armor. For the chest armor, I used Rust-O-Leum "Spruce Green". On the helmet, I used "forest green" on the "lower cheek areas", "Hunter Green" on the "upper cheek areas", "Sage Green" on the "dome", and "Kelly Green" around the back of the helmet (around the "keyhole area"). I can't remember which color was which brand of paint. Not all "Hunter Green"s and "Forest Green"s are created equal, so experiment.

Many times you'll have to make your own combinations to get it right. On the shoulders/knees, I used "Farm Equipment Yellow" (Old Caterpillar yellow - not John Deere yellow) mixed with "Pumpkin Orange" to get the right "yellow ocher" color. My gauntlets and mandible are "Burgundy" with a little "Black" mixed in to tone it down some.

Like I said, I did the ROTJ suit. Your mileage may vary.

Have fun! :)
Different colour for lower cheeks and dome ?!


Where'd that come from. I always figured lower cheeks and dome where the same. Over here (in the UK) we have enough trouble finding 3 different matt shades of green without a fourth being shoved on us.

Thanks for pointing that out Fetthunter *hangs head whilst tears roll down cheeks*

Don't remember Lynn's bucket having different cheeks/dome colours. Do you have any pics of your bucket/reference material you could post to illustrate your point, FH?

Other than that, helpful post. Good thread too. I'm a ways off painting yet, but it was a point that needed discussing (IMHO).

grr... I typed about a 20 minute reply, and when I sent it, it said that the post did not exist because it had been MOVED! Talk about irritating! I lost the WHOLE thing...

Let's see if I can remember some of it...

You don't HAVE to use seperate colors on the lower cheeks and dome. Some pics look that way, some don't. I blame erratic lighting conditions. Just remember that the lower cheeks and come are LIGHTER than the chest armor, and the upper cheeks are DARKER thatn the chest armor.

Here's a pic from the Fett reference CD, with my comments in white...

I think that the color of the back of the helmet matches the chest and cod armor, pretty much the same (based on the pics from the Reference CD (MoM exhibition). Now, as the ESB version goes, not sure, but I think that it has just 2 to 3 colors of green on it (not counting the burgundy color on the T-Visor), and definitely one of those colors matching with the chest armor. Just an opinion, and probably some folks here have the same opininon as well.

DarthVader1 wrote:

I think that the color of the back of the helmet matches the chest and cod armor, pretty much the same (based on the pics from the Reference CD (MoM exhibition).

Actually, you can see in the MoM pic that I posted above from the reference CD that the back of the helmet is a Kelly/grassy green color, while the backplate/collar/chest armor is more of a military, olive drab. Compare the color of the back of the helmet with the backplate just inches away. Those aren't the same colors. :)

Or you could go "Don Post" and just use *1* shade of green. ;)
I know that you guys are the true experts in this field, but I might be able to help a little. I have a Celebration II signed 8x10 of ROTJ Boba, and the gauntlets seem to match the burgandy of the helmet. I've spent a bit of time staring at the details... I also have a great poster of preproduction Fett. I can try to scan and post this for reference.
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