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What type of masking tape is being used for stuff like the strips on the JP? I have been using a blue masking tape and it has been pulling paint off as it is being removed.
that happened to me. i use the blue painters tape and it would pull off paint. I found that would happen when the paint didnt dry enough, also if i put on a coating without letting the layer below it fully dry.
Try using Manco "Perfect Release" masking tape. It's purple and even LESS sticky than blue "clean release" painter's tape. They sell it at Wal-mart, Lowe's, and Home Depot. :)
The paint has to cure. If you read the back of the can it should give you a full cure time. I have found that different manufacturers have different cure and recoat times.(I learned it the hard way:D)
On the blue tape don't let is stay on for more than 24 hours. I have gotten away with 48 hours but it left some of the sticky stuff. Now I just have to touch up what the tape took off.
I agree that the clean release is the way to go.. I was having problems using the blue stuff when I started painting as well.. I have seen the clean release in both the purple and the off-white colors.. The only problem that I have had with it is sometimes it does not stick well enough.

another trick i learned was to take the tape and dab it on your forehead a bit. the oils will weaken the adhesive enough so that it will mask the area off and not adhere to the paint. you can also use a t-shirt as well to dab on.
You can also heat up the tape a LITTLE bit with a hairdryer, and that will make it come off without lifting the paint. Useful for those times you forget to remove the tape within the time limit.
I have herd that electrical tape works well. I have used it twice on a round piece I painted and it worked perfectly. No peeling or bleeding. But I have never tried it on a flat piece before. Also You should take the tape off before it dries so it can't peel.
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