Masking/Curing Process for Painting the Helmet??


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I made a small boo-boo yesterday, trying to put my second paint color onto the helmet. When I pulled the masking and electrical tape off my cheeks, the tape pulled off a stripe or two of the light green base paint. I think the main problem is that I did not let the paint cure long enough.

What are some suggestions for paint curing? Two days? A week in between coats? (I have 16 days until the local St Patty's Day parade!)

Or, better yet, is there something better to mask lines than electrical tape, that won't stick as bad?

I am using some of the paints mentioned by Lynn (thanks!) in an earlier post, and I have a coat of American Accents matte coat over the base paint.
I would suggest regular masking tape.
It is much less tacky than electrical
tape and is easily cut using an exacto
knife to help shape it to curves &
contours, etc.
They have painters tape available at most hardware stores. It looks blue, purple, and I think I have seen red once. That's what I have been using on my helmet with no problems. I have only seen two sizes, 1" and 2" but if you go to a specialty store, you might be able to find it wider.
The problam with some regular masking tapes is the 'bleed-over' effect. Since the tape is essentially paper, this happens alot, as the paint gets just outside the lines a bit. That the reason I'd been using electrical tape as well.

This blue painter's tape. Any issues with bleed-over?
Not for me. I just make sure that every piece is down with no gaps, look for air bubbles, etc. Hope this helps.
We do some painting here at work so I will ask some of the painters what the recommend. Hopefully that might have a better idea. I'll get back with you.
There is a "special" type of tape they use here. I am trying to find out what, who, and the all important how much. They say it is very forgiving. It is very easy to work with and has rubber in it. I've seen it and it doesn't look like anything that should be too expensive. If there is any interest, I can get the necessary info. I know tape really isn't that big of a deal, but there might be an interest.
If bleed over is a problem, spray a coat of sealer (matte or dullcoat) over the tape. This should help seal the tape and prevent bleeding.
OK, never mind about the tape. It's special aircraft tape made in England called AirTech. It only comes in boxes of 24 rolls. But the thing that really hurts, $300 a box. Just for tape? Um, NO! Sorry.
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