Marc Ecko Star Wars Shirts New....


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Am I missing something? I don't see a Boba shirt on those pages.

I like this one:

and this one:

I've already got a Stormtrooper Hoodie with the head made out of rinestones. TK Bling! HAHAHA

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I really like all of the shirts they make. However, Hot Topic gets me shirts for about half the price. I just picked up a new Vader one from there, it's pretty cool! Believe me though, if I had the Imperial Credits, I'd love to own these Mark Echo T-Shirts.

Mike M.

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don't forget that this shirt is a double whammy. you're not only paying for boba, you're also paying for the marc ecko brand name. 38 isn't too out of line for a product like that. it beats the hell out of the 150 plus the hoodies were going for last year. i'm going to see if I can find one in xl.


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I agree with saint_nasty, thats alot better than some clothing lines out there. Heck, Afflicitions' Randy Coutoure Line, its around 48-60 dollars for a T SHIRT!! The hoodies are from 120-220. I most definitely think I am gonna get that Tie Fighter/Xwing fight scene Tee...that one freakin rocks.