Does anyone have any recommendations for the kind of mannequin I should get? My Mando build is made for my 6’4” frame...I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions on the best mannequin to get for display. Thanks!


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I bought one off of Ebay for $70 and it works well enough, but I would really like a posable one. I'm thinking of cutting it up at the joints to replace with PVC ball joints. I saw a thread where someone made PVC ball joints with golf balls heat-molded into the PVC pipe.

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I've heard of a way you could make a mannequin by making a 'cast' of your body with duct tape. I haven't tried it though, I'm just giving my two cents.

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I've always wanted one of the flexible mannequins sold by TK Products, the same vendor that makes the iComm stormtrooper voice box. But with shipping and import taxes to Norway, it is just too expensive for me. Heard a lot of good things about it, though.

That sounds like some kind of prank Lol
Not a prank, but a tool. Duct tape mannequins are very useful during a costume build, especially if you need to do lots of testing and measuring of costume pieces. Since the mannequin retains the shape of your body, you use it to fit the pieces on the mannequin instead of yourself. Easier, more comfortable. But it isn't very durable for display purposes.
As someone who owns the TK posable mannequin, it really isn't all that posable. It just lacks the strength to really hold a strong pose. It is a nice mannequin for museum poses though. It's also pretty nice if you plan on taking the armor on and off the mannequin for trooping purposes, since it is essentially mostly just cloth with a wire skeleton it's very flexible. Making taking on and off armor a breeze.

But it definitely isn't the most dynamic of mannequins if you have anything heavier than storm trooper armor.


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The hunt for a good mannequin seems never ending. I’ve built several over the years for everything from Vader, Maul and even my Ledger Joker. I had a killer full set of Fett armor years ago that I sold because I was so frustrated with crappy mannequins.

Any cheap manny can be used to get a “good enough” look and it will hold your armor. But if you want an authentic looking display you’ll have to go custom. I would just buy fiberglass manny’s and Frankenstein them with PVC, duct tape, custom made hands, etc to get the look. I can’t believe that in 2020 nobody has a GREAT mannequin for this kinda stuff!


I seem to have found a good one...or at least one that I’m very happy with! The pose works perfectly for my Mando build






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Awesome! Appreciate the information - while looking at the website I noticed that you didn't go with the very sassy looking posed one. What a let down lololol