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I decided to do my gauntlets and armor first. I starting with the left gaunt. Im working on the piece on the top.. (what the heck is it called? I couldnt find the name!) Im making everything first in foamies, prepping it for silicone, then making a resin pull.

Love the drawing of your mando, looking very unique. My eyes may deceive me, but am i right in saying there is a noticeable absence of chest armour? if so, i like where this is going. gives the drawing a special ops/infiltration quality
:lol: There is chest armor- its actually the insignia. This is the quick color drawing- but I may not go with those colors if I can find a flight suit that fits me.

That was the original idea.. but I am still looking for a flight suit or jumpsuit that has the same feel (not bagy) If not I will do the bodysuit.
Design looks great, very unique!

btw, i was lurking around some Pred forum and your predator costume is AMAZING!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

cant wait to see how this comes out (y)

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Shoot Mel, with your figure you should just go with the form fitting black lycra suit idea.That would look sexy as well as dangerous.Much better than a flightsuit.
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