Mando Groopie?


Thought everyone would enjoy this pic. Do ya think there are such things as Mando Groopies. I do know the person so she will not mind the pic being here. She will laugh about it.......

I know all three of those mandos....
It’s a con ritual for them, they parade around a pulse rifle, asking females to pose with the rifle. I think they are setting up a web site to document the journey of the pulse rifle.
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I love that you guys know the Mandos in the picture. Maybe you should email them and see if they want a copy of the picture. It is from Chattacon 31 2006 in Chattanooga. The woman in the picture is my wife. She loves a man in uniform. The next Chattacon i will have my mando done by then and hopefully i will be in the photo with her......
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