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i got issue 2 of Jango Fett: Open Seasons and most of the mandalores have jet packs but mainly when they are going to a big war...also not all of them have full flight suits but some have short sleeve shirts!

The Purity Knight
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Mandalore Jetpack

Well, I don't know if I am putting this in the right place, but.........

I was wondering if anyone thinks that all Mandalores should have jet packs. In the movie that my friends and I are going to film this summer, our Mandalore bounty hunter / Sith - hired warrior doesn't, but I don't know if this is a good idea.

If anyone could, because I don't have an online host, could I email you the picture of my Madalore diagrams and you could post them on this sight for people to look over? Please help -- anyone!

In the new comic, "Jango Fett: Open Season" The Mandalorian warriors actually don't have jet packs. So you really could go either way. Preference, really. I like the jet pack, myself. Stubby, not stirred.
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I made a bounty hunter Mandalorian type costume for my fanfilm, which includes a Jet Pack. Basically, it's all up to you, how you think it will work with the rest of the costume, and how it will look. Here's my custom jet pack made out of junk, basically.

<img src=>
<img src=>
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YES pretty interesting question .Its all up to you .Remember
when JANGO fought with OBI-WAN in the rain after losing his jet pack he still looked pretty cool fighting without it .Not
to mention he fought his opponent pretty well and manage to escape.SO i guess it doesn't really matter.It all depends on the mission.
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I would think it's up to you. As said, the comic shows both with/without, short/long sleeves.

It appears they have a Flight Assault Team, Ground Assault Team, so on and so on...

As they have two diffent jet packs in AOTC, it would be easy to assume that they would have several different versions.

My Mandalorian will be wearing a short cape.

Once I can afford a jet pack, I don't feelings may change...

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I agree, it's up to you. I was arguing with myself over this very point this weekend. Not only would it still look cool w/out, but it would be easier to sit.
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Vec- don't argue with yourself out loud they lock you up for it. But then you can get an authentic "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" flight suit out of it.

Your movie do what you want or feels appropriate to the film/look you are trying to achieve. Personally I would do a combination some do have them some don't. -Mark
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For your fan film,
Make two teams.Some with some without.I have to say all in all
it should be pretty sweet.
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Hi there,
Anybody got any pictures of a scratch built Jango 'arena' jet pack. I have not a clue where to start on this project.
Many thanks,
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BP- LMAO, I kept telling myself to keep it down, but I would't listen to me. :wacko
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The Sniffer seems to have finally sniffed too much. Its affecting your brain oh dear Sniffer. I feel that an intervention is in order.
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