making pouches/holsters

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I was able to get to a Tandy shop in person today. Man, there is a bunch of stuff there! :eek: I almost bought the whole cow for $35, but my total was about $150 after you buy snaps, belt blanks, tools to punch holes and all that other stuff.

Before I start cutting I would appreciate any help or suggestions. I've read as many posts as my eyes will allow. I'm mainly looking for some type of guidance on the shape & size (length) of the holsters. I thought I had seen a tutorial on the making of the ammo pouches awhile back, but couldn't find it.

I've heard some people say 4 inches on the pouches. Is that to scale for someone 6 ft tall? Any and all commments are needed. I'll wait about about a weeks before I start getting elbow deep in it. Thanks.
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Jango 5204

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YES!(y) That picture tutorial was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't find it.(y)

Swchick link didn't work. Couldn't find a template on the website


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No such templates exist so far. Try scaling from photos or toys to match your height & just go for it. The amazing work you have seen on this board was created just that way.