Makan's Progress Thread (pix)


Hey everyone I start a real job in two weeks so I thought it was time to really work at my costume since i will have the money. To start off I am using a mystery helmet i got from amiadfilter last year. I would like to get a sgtfang helmet a little later down the road.

For this helmet I was thinking of doing the bluer version but im not sure if I want to or not. This is pretty much just a practice paint job.

So far the only thing I have done is a silver coat. I am gunna run out today and grab some liquid mask.


This helmet doesnt have the dental thingy


And I wanna sand down in the visor area, I dont like when there is a gab in between the helmet and the visor.


I also need to get a rangefinder and stalk...any ideas where I can pick up a resin one?

So I ran out and got my liquid mask, and applied it to the helmet. I sprayed it green twice and misted a light blue over it to lighten (i decided not to do the bluer version.) and i let it dried. I started to remove the spots with the mask, and it turned into a disaster. Am i doing something wrong? Is there any threads for painting with liquid mask?





It looks like you are having a couple of problems there, on the lower cheak it looks like the silver lifted off when you pulled the mask off. If I am correct you might not have let your silver base coat dry long enough before applying the mask and top coat. You might want to let a full 24-48 hours or more pass before painting over the base coat. Also a clear coat over the silver wouldn't hurt the process either.

2nd it looks like extra amounts of the green lifted when you peeled the mask off, correct? Again if this is the case it might be because you didn't let the base coat dry long enough and the green didn't stick well to it. How long after you painted the green did you peel the mask? You might want to let the green dry for a day or so before peeling the mask. Also what kind of paints are you using? If you aren't using Lee's suggested colors (as it looks like you aren't) you might have gotten latex paints, if you did then the latex of the liquid mask will blend with the latex of the paints and peel like mad.
Oh it also looks like you are putting the green down really thick, that might be a problem also, if the first coat was thick and didn't dry all the way before the 2nd coat went over it it's possible it will never fullly dry and make your paint job very weak (like won't stand up to damage).

Try using very thin layers and doing multiples of them allowing at least 30-40 min dry time between coats.
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