Magnets for chest armor - revisited


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After several sleepless nights, I've decided to use magnets on my chest armor plates. It'll save me some time sewing Velcro to the vest(s).

For those currently using magnets, what size are you using? Where did you buy them? Anything special I need to know before I go get these?

Here's a diagram of what I want to do. Too many? Not enough?
I dont use magnets but it looks good except for the diamond which probably needs 1 more magnet on it so it doesnt swivel.
Contact Oppi- He had a cool site to buy some super powerful magnets. Since my harddrive crashed, don't have those sites anymore.)

They are rather pricey, but look to be highly effective.

A cheaper alternative might be the magnets in harddrives. MMM put on my custom Mandalore sidearm he made for me, and it will hold itself to a sheet of steel, no holster neccessary...

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Hey. I used magnents on my custom mandalore that I still haven't completed. I found rare earth magnents at Michaels craft store. They called them "super magnents' They came 10 to a pack for abour 3$.

I'll snap a few pics of how I put them and all if you'd like.

Yep they have them at michaels. Those will be good as long as you are using sintra armor. If you are using FG or Aluminum armor you will need a larger diameter magnet which is avail at the best price from Lee Valley tools.

PM me if you nee more info

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