I am on a six month deployment... my internet connection is flaky and doesnt always show pics.. could you email me pics of all three.... extremely interested. email to
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prices adjusted.

Prices are before shipping and handling.

thanks for the continued support
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might be taking last few orders due to low in supply of materials. interested parties pls do hop on~
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Guys, we are doing a re-stock of materials and we will drop a discount of USD$5 for every item purchased.
You couldn't possibly still do all 3 from $350 anymore eh?

although i cannot do it for that price, u are in luck as we are re-stocking our materials and will be offering a small discount if u buy all piece. check ur pm
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updated prices due to the dropping dollar and the material costs~
thanks for the support thus far~
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Have you addressed the issue of the Vest shoulders/flaps being too small for some of the standard shoulder armor, such as CRUZERS?
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hello. yes. I have requested for hand traced templates for chest armour with measurements so i can compensate; i do not have cruzer's armor for ref.
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Order and pay before 10th oct, and enjoy savings!
Enjoy FREE shipping on custom Holster rig (usual usd$275 excludes shipping) and pay only usd$275!

We are getting sample Material for new Jango flight suit. Stay tuned
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Accepting custom flight suits, vests and holster rigs.

Just provide a sketch up n measurements
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Major update.
I have a range of blue hues available for jango.
Order now till 30th Nov at no extra cost.

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