Low budget Boba


I started making my cardboard bucket today. I was able to bend the cardboard by wetting it just a little and then taping it into place.

Thanks guys! I'm starting the top of it now- I'll have more pics later on. Once I get everything filled in I'll coat it with spackling paste and sand it and then coat it with a clear acrylic before painting.
The goal of this project is complete a decent (as in presentable but hardly accurate) Fett costume by Halloween and not spend any money doing it! :)
I looked around in my garage and I had some left over sintra sheet from building my MIB blasters, some brown vinyl, a flight suit (unfortunately tan) and a fair amount of cardboard and foam. So I figured what the heck, why not? I enjoy a challenge.....

I'll be posting on a regular basis as this progresses.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

That is so freakin sweet! I can just imagine someone asking, "Whoa, where'd you get that helmet?" and you replying "I made it out of cardboard."

Nice work. I wasn't not expecting to see that much craftsmenship when I read cardboard.
Thanks for the kind words! I should be able to finish the dome and get started on the ears today. I can only work on it when my son is taking a nap or after he's gone to bed. :) It's coming together really fast- I'd bet a helmet could be completed in less than a day if you weren't interrupted. The cardboard I'm using is kind of like a thick posterboard- about 1/16 inch thick. The helmet is suprisingly stiff and strong- that's cellulose fiber for you!

The goal of this whole project is to show that it should be possible for anyone to make a Fett costume with a minimum of tools and materials (and not be financially devastated if it gets damaged by some drunk idiot on Halloween.)

I finished filling in the dome and I cut the visor opening today. I still need to put the slots in the back and make the ears- those will be a challenge to do in cardboard but I'm hoping I can pull it off. :) I haven't decided what to do about the rangefinder stalk- I might try sandwiching cardboard around some music wire to strengthen it. We'll see....

Oh yeah- it fits perfect! It's amazing how big it is (and it's a good thing as I have a big melon.)



Wow... I'm impressed... I did one of these last year made out of a Pepsi box. It didn't look nearly as good as yours though. I called mine Junko Fett. ;)
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