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I'm beginning my quest (and bargain shopping) for the perfect ESB blue for a custom made flight suit. When searching I find several 'could be' colors but no 'that's it!' blues. I'm all for finding the material myself but what is the concensus on the 'most accurate' color. I'm looking for reference such as a pantone number or Krylon *something*blue. Hope that makes sense.

Judging from the pre-oro shots, would it be fair to think that the material was a blend rather than full cotton?

BTY, I'm usung the accurate vest material that was debated and offered through here quite some time ago (about two years I think).

HAHA hand, funny that you post this now because I am in the same exact boat. Ive been zooming in and cuting the ESB ref shots to show the best color of the suit i can find and taking them to local fabric stores. I havnt found one yet, but its getting there. Please let me know of your findings as i will do the same....
The suit was originally white, and I'll bet the blue you see in ESB is a "laundered" version of the blue dye you see on the PrePros or at least a very similar color.

I believe what makes it so difficult to match the ESB color, or even Jedi, is that you might be matching against a washed out color.
Yeh, im getting to the point where im going to just try and find the most accurate material and go the Rit dye way. BTW is the "duck cloth" the best route to go for the jumpsuit material?? Accuracy wise? thanks - Tim
I too thought the color might be washed out. I actually prefer it that way so I can actually wash the suit after wearing and not loose a perfect matched color. My Jango right now has a great color on it but it is slowly changing due to sweat and the times I washed it.

Tim Allen wrote:

BTW is the "duck cloth" the best route to go for the jumpsuit material?? Accuracy wise?

I think it looks more like shaved twill. Its basically a soft denim. Wal-Mart has it near their duck cloth. Jo-Ann's does not carry any twills.
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