Looking for ESB stock greeblies


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Anyone know where I can get hold of ESB stock greeblies? I know Omegaman does them, but I can't get hold of him via PM.


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I used WOF plans and made mine from sintra...while they aren't the real thing, they are close enough for me.



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I am working on a set from scratch. build ups then I am gonna make a mold and work up a set. I currently got some ones to compare my work ups to for size comparasin just in case my size is off. mind you this is only for the plug peices I am leaving about 2 mm larger than the ones i will have. The ones I have will have are recasts from origional casts. By my calculations each cast will be off about 1 mm smaller than the origional Item. Is this about right? Anyway I want them for scale AND to see where detail is lost so I can build my models up.
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