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First, (y) Thanks to the awesome Kim and Cris, their pre-pro zam, and all of their help with configuration on molding. I am still in the first phase of these greeblies, so please critique the heck out of them before I turn them into a hard mass. ;) If there is anything you notice that is outta place please let me know. Or circle it, etc. Thanks. Be aware that there is slight angleing on some of the shots.

They look terrific Zam I Am !!! You've done a great job on them!

But... you asked for a critique! ;-)

On the horseshoe part: I noticed that the outside vertical lines are more straight in the original, yours look more curved out. This could be the differing angles though.


The lock part: The original "locks" seem less rounded on the design part, especially at the top of the greeblie. The details look terrific though!

Thanks Maulmaus for the critiques. I am fixin it as I type.
Come on people, load the comments on! I only got this week to perfect them. It HAS to be baked by thursday night.
Lookin nice!
I'll agree with MaulMaus.
Only other thing I'm wondering...should there be a lip around the hole in the lock?
Didn't see that! Yes, it does look like a small lip around the "lock" hole. Then of course when you're all done making it look nice and pretty.. you get to "weather" it, "rough it up" and basically put it through a dirty meat-grinder to make it look like the original Zam stuff!! :rolleyes

Stupid question though... how do the "locks" attach to the "horseshoe" thing?
:lol: no, actually it's gonna be lotsa hard work. I am going to have to sever the lock and slip it into the horseshoe and then re-putty stuff. Plus lots of glueing etc. Ugh, and casting things twice just to get a nice original. And four times for the locks. Believe me, those greebs as hard as they were, are 10x easier than these.

Edit** BTW thank you for noticing the lip in the lock hole, it may have confirmed my suspicions about durability. That might be wire under the resin to keep it from breakage. Or, might be a different type of protective covering to prevent too much friction of the horseshoe piece. That lip may or may not be included. I might forget some of the weathering, as natural wearing will cause friction enuff to wear at the edges of the paint in the circle parts of the lock and horseshoe piece. But weathering is really far down the line sorta stuff right now for me.
Those look really good :)

It looks to me like the original egg/lock/thingies have little circular indents at the ends of the crecents, but your sculpey ones do not seem to have this very minor detail.



Are you going to cast this and then clean up the casts to make your final front and back molds? If not, then I would suggest that you do everything thing that you can to make this clay master as symmetrical as humanly possible. It will help make it much easier to line up back to back later.

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