Lightening S1 gloves


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Recieved my Slave 1 gloves the other day, and I love them. They are ESB style though, as he dyed them a little darker. How did you guys with his lighten the grey to ROTJ? He put in a note saying dampen them and sit them in a sunny window sill, problem is, it's winter, and it's not hot enough to do any good. Any Pro tips?
I litteraly drop mine in a solution of bleach and water. Used the sink and sat them in there for about 2 or 3 mins washed them off and let sit for a little bit and redid process until I got the right shade. Also rinse wiht hot water since that neutralizes bleach and will halt the process while you rinsing.

:lol:. Guys, I'm a little to far into the realm of ROTJ to turn back now. I've already taken the sarlacc survival course and everything!
Well if you are post-sarlacc you really should dip the gloves in acid then instead of bleach.

You could always leave them in the window of your car to fade while you are at work. Then you can put them on for the drive home.
That's what I would do, but it's winter and cold as hell in Ga. I think I'll leave em in a plastic bag outside for a long time as someone suggested.
Well, like one of the threads regarding "those who've gone the Dickie's route for a Jumpsuit", I think I'm going the same way now, and this time for good! (Besides, I've been spendiong a lot of money just in "Dollar Store brand" bleach instead of the real deal! :rolleyes

Actually, I'm gonna try the same tactic I've been using for the Jumpsuit as well to see what happens.

I just experimented with Slave1's gloves using bleach and water solution, just like the jumpsuit, and planned to leave it at least an hour and not 2 hours like I said before. It didn't passed not even 10 mins and the result was that they came out like a light TAN color. :cry Once again...DO NOT USE BLEACH WITH THEM!!! I'd probably have to invest in another pair of these gloves for sure. :angry Even though, they look now like the Pre-Prod version now, but a lighter version without the symbols in the forehands.



Well, I just bought a new pair of S1 gloves. It didn't make sense at all having tan gloves and not grey, unless I was making a custom Mandalore. I felt sad parting with those, but life goes on, and accuracy continues to possess me! :evil

Thanks guys for your support, and for sharing my pain (you know who you are), but I feel OK now, even though, I had to pay just a little extra over the whole situation.

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