Life size Skiff and guards

so amazing! the level of prop building here is unbelievable; makes you think what in the star wars universe isn't buildable ;) any concept of a 1:1 scale working AT-ST makes me very, very excited haha :D

Working?? I wish:lol: The lads have began the construction of the AT-ST.
Will start a new thread when we have some progress shots.


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Fantastic!! Man I hope you guys ship that to C-5!!!

I love the idea of the AT-ST. I always thought it would be fun to make a full scale one for my kids and have it as their "tree house"!:lol:
Another few pics of the weequay mask displayed as a bust from our very talented Jules. These masks will be available as wearable or display busts, will confirm details at a later date.



That is STELLAR!!!

Awesome work Dougie!

I was throwing around the idea of a landspeeder, or a 1/2 scale Slave 1 as my "next big project", but your workmanship has put all of my ideas to shame. :p


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Hiya folks i am the mad man that is building the lifesize Scout Walker & Skiff!

It has been very hard work but the outcome definatley makes it all very worth while, thank you all for your great comments.

Any questions please ask me and i will do my best to answer.

Darth Serberus

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.....and I'm the "not quite so" mad man that is building the busts and masks.
Thank you for all your kind comments. Must say they look best when they are on the full size skiff!
I saw the skiff in the flesh for the first time last week. I can assure you the pictures do not do it justice. It is bloody awesome!! I haven't been allowed to see the AT-ST yet, but i'm pretty sure it will blow your socks off.

The masks/busts are now available for sale, if anyone is interested they can contact Nitrooper (Martin Ryan in the post above) directly and he will sort you out.