Lemme see your kouhouns, baby...

Zam I Am

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:lol: I didn't say kohounas :LOL

I am in the process of making some - not quite as sturdy as Moncal's, but will post pics when I am done - mebbe the cheapest prop for Zam for my costume-

Target (clear plastic baby stir stick rod holder) - $1.00
Dollar Tree - Glow in the dark centipedes - $1.00
Toy Vending machine half circles (2) - $0.50/ea.
I had to use two acrylic buglollipop bottoms instead (2) - $1.00/ea.
Home Depot Double stick tape - $2.67
Electrical Tape - already had.

paint my kouhouns white with black legs, tape up the sides and put black marker and dots on the outter rings. :)

Finished it Sunday night. Finally. :zam


vs, the real thing

Hubby said the outer "rings" were green due to lighting and not because they were colored that way... who knows?
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Wow! The title of this thread sort of attracted me to this post. Am I that shallow? Gosh I hope not. Nice Kouhouna though!

Dang ya fooled me!