Well, my Fiance and I are all set for Celebration3(she even said it was such a nice hotel, that we should get married while we're there hmmmmm) Anyway, She would like to go as her galaxies character, Ekeve, who happens to be a purple Twi lek. Could someone point me in the direction of people that have made Lekku?
I have made 15 Lekku/Tentacles. 12 Tentacles for Kit Fisto. 2 small Lekku and one big Lekku for Shaak Ti. I did the sculpting and casting of the the 12 tentacles and 2 small lekku. I did the casting of the big Lekku while Resilient did the sculpting of that one. They were cast in latex and stuffed with foam. The tips had bags of sand inside them to give them some weight.
Must see pics Foxbatkllr! These sound fantastic. I would love to make a Twi'lek costume for my wife!
Holy crap Foxbatkllr, that looks awesome. =O

Eventually I'd like to get around to doing a male twi at some point. The site gives some food for thought on that.
Erg, leeku... that word can make me cringe, lol. Just be prepared for quite a few problems that can crop up if you go the clay sculpt > plaster cast > latex cast route for making leeku.

For the plaster moldings for Kit and Shaak Ti, we had help from friends who had experience with it. Unfortunately the mold for Shaak's small leeku that I had sculpted broke and there was no time to make a replacement. Luckily the Kit tentacles were usable as stand-ins and Foxbat was nice enough to make additional latex castings from his mold as well as a cast of the big leeku eventhough we were under a huge time crunch.

http://www.deviantart.com/view/10274053/ Here are some shots of the 1st Shaak Ti costume test so you can see how those leeku turned out.
Ah, good. I was hoping you'd chime in with some photos since I don't have any pics of shaak ti online. Speaking of those molds...I need to make myself a few more tentacles so i can throw the molds away. Actually I'm thinking of selling the Kit Fisto mask mold on ebay.
Thanks, it was really really hard to do...if I could go to C3 it'd make its official debut there but since I can't afford to go, I'll officially debut it at next year's comic-con. That should be enough time to get it to a completely satisfactory stage (there are still several things about it that I don't like and want to change). Resilient can attest to the hard work these things were.
your Shaak Ti looks really good except your front lekku are a little skinny but that can be fixed,
You really did an awsome job with the rest. congrats!
Im currently working on mine I'll post pic later. The group Im in The TideWater Alliance is doing a fundraiser tomarrow for alzhiemers, here in Virginia Beach. My Shaak Ti is not completed but I am wearing my costume part even if I cant wear the head. Ive made the jewelry too. That was fun. NOT!! tiny tiny pieces UUUGHH!!

Great Pics of you head Lekku, and again great job!
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I made a Shaak Ti costume for the Clone Wars (4 episodes) DVD promotion @ Best Buy.

The headpiece is fabric, couldn't work with anything else, I only know sewing. Painting it with spray was a real challenge for me,:cry my poor finger suffered the consecuenses.

What do you think of it?

In the photo, the red looks really good. I think you look great !

I was going to say maybe your lekku should be bluer, but I just looked at some pics and it seems like your colors are pretty much spot on.

Nice work !
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