Legit RS Prop Masters Boba Fett Helmet on eBay?


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An RS Fett helmet is up on eBay. Can anyone tell me if this is legit before I make a bid? Thanks!

RS Fett eBay Link



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In all seriousness this is their ROTJ using the Master Replica's helmet as the base, I believe. It's got the same pinch and was commissioned in '17 before they had access to the hero helmet.


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Theirs should be based on the MR Prototype, which DOES NOT have a pinch present on it afaik. That was something that only was present on the production MR helmets for some reason. To me it looks like whoever put it together did so in a rush because the whole helmet looks squished at the bottom. Kinda unfortunate if true but possibly easily fixable with a little love and a heat gun


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I was looking at this one too. Must be very early RS. The warping, lack of scratched damage, tilted ear cap, and lack of dental files pushed me away. There's something about the dent that looks a bit off to my eye as well. For about $650 USD, it was a hard pass for me. Issues are fixable, but at that price I'd hold out for a more accurate cast.
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