leather braided belt and ammo belt


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has anyone experienced their ammo belt slipping down from their leather braided belt? if so how did u take care of that? i tried to get the belt as tight as i could but for some reason, maybe the jet pack was pushing down on it, it kept slipping down and not staying centered so to speak.

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/pouchattachment1.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/pouchattachment2.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/pouchattachment3.jpg>

<image src=http://www.r2ro.com/images/pouchattachment4.jpg>
That is awesome Turo.

I made a small leather strap with snaps on both ends and attached the belt to the front of my vest.
hey Arturo. What is the height dimensions of these items.

Belt that holds the pouches? =

Braided Belt? =

The pouches? =

I even learned something new!

Turo! Thanks for taking time out to post these pictures!

You are a wonderful source when it comes to Jango!
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