lcd screen visor



I was wondering if anyone has ever made a visor the way they describe them in books,maby with a lcd screen to flash nubers in or some thing
i wish man...ive alwasy heard rumours about soemone working up some thing...but it prolly would cost a pretty penny and a half!
Actually I sort of started that myself but right now that project on the back burner. Mine is an old camcorder. All I've done is take it apart and measure where it would fit. I figure I could place the camera's lense in my jet pack that way I can see who and what is behind me, plus it is the best place to put it. As for the lcd viewfinder I would put that in my rangefinder. It doesnt fit in it's present state but I could easily remedy that. The good thing about that is if I don't wanna look at that screen I can always move the rfu up. Problem is that the entire setup would have to be wired unless I could figure out how to make it go wireless.

I don't know if I will ever get to that project though. IT would be cool though. If I ever do get to it this board will be the first to know.
I can do something like this, but I am not familiar with the books. I actually have a working video screen right now that can display pretty much anything. It can easily be modified to do a Fett type display..
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