Latex for Armor?


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Hey all this weekend I was talking with a friend of mine who used to work as a prop maker for shows like Buffy and various movies including LoTR. As we were talking I told him that I'm making a Boba Fett costume and he suggested making the armor out of Latex. I haven't experienced latex with exception to masks, but apparently it's stiff enough to make armor. Could anyone give me any details or experiences in using latex to make armor? Thanks
sounds like a great idea... good for stunt work as well. Latex can be very stiff and take paint (to some point). Draw backs would be that it wouldn't take paint very well long term and eventually would rub off and/or crack. Any armor element could be cast in latex with plaster molds. It would be great to see this done.

A couple of us were discussing latex armor here in Denver a few months ago. Although not too practical for Boba's chest armor, due to eventual paint cracking, we thought it would be beneficial for the codpiece. It'd make sitting down alot easier.

My friend says there's a way to actually mold it with a dark green latex. So, worst case scenario is you'll have to weather it from time to time. But, who looks THAT close at yer crotch, anyway?

I'd also like to see this applied to the kneeguards as well.

batninja wrote:

But, who looks THAT close at yer crotch, anyway?
:love :lol:

I agree with this, though; as long as the latex pieces looked good enough that they didn't compromise the entire suit. Plus, you could become susceptible to "rubber" jokes.
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