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I just bought LOTS of leather, this is the list of the kit that was offered (list is closed):

All leather will be dyed and sealed, and for the laces softened with lexol.

Things you will need to get/do yourself: 1) Sandpaper for the back of greeblies-so the glue adheres better when you glue the leather to the greeblies, and barge cement, or a leather to plastic type glue (e6000?) 2) Set snap onto left front leg of neoprene.

Laces5-6 oz.-will be dyed purp, close to neoprene color
-2 for the cumberbund
-2 for shoulder flaps of vest
-2 for the side of vest
-2 for arm greeb
-2 for the mouse greeb
-1 for the bottle greeb, one o ring screw provided
-1 for the beads
- 2 for the football greeb, dyed mauve like, sealed, 4-line 20 snaps inserted in the back, to clasp together the leather.
- 1 belt for the leg greeb 1 cm wide with 1/2" buckle and 3 belt loops, all dyed blueish, sealed, glued, and hole punched to fit.
Backings 2-3 oz.- will be dyed brown
-1 leg greeb, with 1 line 24 black snap attatched and other side of snap provided to attatch to neoprene. (See snap tutorial)
-1 for football greeb
-1 for armband greeb

Price $45.00 not including shipping.

List of those interested:
1)Maulmaus -PAID And recieved
2)Hothgirl -PAID And recieved
3)Cutest Sandgirl PAID and recieved
4)Dark Trooper PAID and recieved
5)Lady Zam -PAID and recieved

Snap Tutorial without a snap setter:

ALL DONE! :D For those listed above, please email me with your addresses. My email is
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Well... I would be :D

Save me from having to buy the 2-3 oz leather... and then wondering what the heck to do with the rest of it! ;)

Let's see ZIA... that would get you 1100 eyelets if you want to trade! :D
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Yeah, I have to have at least 5 people sign up for it to be worth it for me to do. Cause I have like a mass of snaps, leather, dyeing stuff,lexol, tools, but to do each individually would be a time wasteful on my part. Cause dyes, need to be mixed, remixed for each color, cutting all at once is better than one at a time etc.
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Well for those who are considering it I would love to point out that I allready have the straps undyed from Zam I Am in my possession. These are good quality items and you will pay about double what she is asking just to get predyed stuff that will not match right at all. Unlike myself she is offering to dye for those who buy them from her. I got mine undyed a while back as I plan to dye my stuff on my own.
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Have faith sis- there are people thinking about it, and want me to post pics of what I mean.
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I do have faith... but I've also got bad karma! :D :D

*keeps fingers crossed*
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The reason why I am offering these is because it would be cheaper for me to do a mass quantity, and, everyone would also save money because they wouldn't have to buy the one-time use type of tools for this costume. For examples, line 20 and line 24 snap setters, daubers, blue dye. Packs of extra snaps you won't need. And, these leather tools, you have to have in order to make these: lace cutter, leather shears, leather hole puncher, x-acto knive, lexol, dyes. Not to mention, I would save everyone time and money too, looking for all these objects: Dark (almost black) gun metal snaps, buckle for the leg greeb, 2 different oz leathers, dyes, tools, etc.
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This is why I think all the backings are brown leather. And I also think they employed a really really awesome leather worker for this costume. Gobs of glueing and leatherwork all over this costume. Very smart ideas and improvising with the leather too. I am guessing about some of the ways they used the laces, but my guess is they knotted all the leather laces on the greeblies to a belt to keep them from shifting forward and smooshing the cumberbun *and/or* they put a whole separate backing on the cumberbun altogether to keep it from smooshing and that is why we all see this white line on the bottom of the cumberbun. From infamouse zoomed in upshot #DSC04309.
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Since most of you can't install the back snap on the neoprene of the pants, I will do two things. I will send a snap already assembled onto a piece of lycra (same pantone as the neoprene) and then, you can just sew the lycra to your pants. I will also send an extra snap incase, you want to install the snap yourself. Zam I Ain't and I will try testing a philip's screw driver on a line 24 snap to install, but I have my doubts it will work. If it does work, then you all could install that one yourselves to the neoprene, instead of sewing the lycra patch and won't need to buy the line 24 snap setter.
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Here is how to glue the backings:

Maulmaus, hopes this answers your questions ;)
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Zam I Am wrote:

Maulmaus, hopes this answers your questions ;)

But I have sooooooooo many questions.... ;) :D

Seriously... yes it does. I specifically wondered about the glue you used - I didn't think Elmer's was going to cut it! :D
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Last call for those interested! I will be working on them this weekend! Today is 11/6/03 You don't have to pay until I am done :D But, since this is comming outta my pocket first, PLEASE only sign up if you know you are willing to pay up when things are done. And, the list will close by Friday night 11/7/03! I am going to the stores this saturday only, to get all the rest of the supplies I need for those on the list. So, last call.:D More pics of what you will recieve. All the backings though, will be 2-3 oz leather dyed brown, instead of the raw undyed color. And the laces will have like a light purp and brownish look much like the pics. The leg greeb strap/belt will be fully assembled with the belt loops and holes punched as seen. If those on the list want to pm me the circumference of their upper thigh, that will also help me do the leg belts.
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Zam I Am wrote:

If those on the list want to pm me the circumference of their upper thigh, that will also help me do the leg belts.

:eek: :eek:....

There are some things even I don't want to know! :D ;)

Erm... how about if you make it really big and have lots of holes in it! :p :D
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Whaaat...?? It's only measurement #24 thigh on the measurements list... what gives? it aint that baaad. See, i know i have poundage, but i am not thaaat self conscious about it. Hey, it's not like i am a refigerator repair woman! :lol: :p I will make them about my thigh size if people don't indicate, but I didn't want people to complain if it's not fitting exactly.. and then, if it's too big -them having to cut off the strap end with an open edge without dye. My left thigh size is 21 inches around. So, the leg strap will be longer of course, but the holes will start at around 20 inches, then go up by 1 cm increments- between 8 or 12 holes is my guess. Then the end will taper into a > shape.
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Just teasing you ZIA... :D

I just went to the store earlier today and tried on some jeans... and needless to say it was a harrowing experience. Thigh size being the main problem ... and then I come here for a little R&R and you're asking me for thigh-size measurements! :D

It's simply too much on the same day... ;)
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Hey all, sorry I have been so busy, I won't be able to make them this year. Late January, I should be able to get it done.
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No prob. Zam is a pretty slow-moving project here anyway, and it gives us a chance to recover monetarily after getting the helmet so close to Christmas anyway. ;)
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