Kitting up? How!?


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After my first trip out on the week end i was starting to wonder if i was doing this the best way and how everyone else was doing it?

To start with once i have the bodysuit on (which goes first) then the vest (2nd) and chest assembly (3rd due to the harness) I struggle to move my arms/head and body in a lot of directions to any great degree. My arms wont go across my body to ajust anything for example pushing my glove cuffs onto the armgaurds is about all i can manage, reaching the arm greeblie is a total no.

I cant bend down forwards to pick up off the floor or to fasten any leg straps/shins/put boots on etc. If i can pick my belt up i cant get my arms behind me to fasten it. If i bend my legs too much crouching with my shins on all my shins pop off and if i angle my view down to the floor to see my costume i choke myself on my chest assembly

Can anyone get anywere more than the bodysuit/vest/chest without help or am i going to need someone to dress me from now on? hehehe


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welcome to the great fun of trooping...thats why i always have folks around me....i have yet to wear a costume that i didnt need help getting fressed...par for the course i think, even my maul i need help with my cummerbund..LOL


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I still need help putting on my stormtrooper armor - I can't for the life of my tighten my belt on my own... The joys of being a costumer!


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:lol: :lol: :lol: Where's the video ??? :lol:

AAAhhh yes.. the fun of trooping... Being a geek ain't for for sissies! ;) :lol:

Nope, there isn't any easy way to get dressed in the Zam and yes you will need help getting dressed up in it. ZIA and Kathy/MonCal can give some pointers on how to make it easiest and quickest for you though.

Yes... even Maul needs help getting dressed! Being somewhat of a Maul-Groupie I've had the honor of helping dress a few Maul's! ;) :lol:
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Hmm.. yeah... what everyone else has said ;) There isn't a costume that isn't hot or tough to get in and out of .... well... excluding say the slave leia .. but I wouldn't know anything about that :)

I made this compilation of pics when we sold our first Zam suit. It's basically still the same procedure except a couple things like our new gauntlets are a little different to wear since they hinge open like the originals.






















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Holy Cow MonCal!!! Do you have a Tutorial for everything??? :lol: :lol:

This is great stuff actually!!! I love it!! Think we should sticky it for all us Zam-Challenged Changelings out there! ;) :lol:


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Once again... I'm proving how insane I am :lol:

I do try to make tutorials for everything but there are still a few things I need to ... and they happen to be the items I get asked about the most ;) ... it's very time consuming though :)

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Wow thanks for this! Not just just for the info but for the time taken to take the pictures, edit them, host/post them :)

That's more or less how Becky does it but I think your hinged gauntlets help with the arms lots.
Becky is looking for tips on how to successfully pee I think. LOL
I can make her a rifle, cut things, sew things but I can't help her out there.
I've given the pants braces so she can take em off quick but I don't think she's tried it yet.
CE will surely break her

Thanks again Cal


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forget the pee issue...never to tackle that stuff long before getting dressed..LOL should sweat enough in this costume that peeing shouldnt be an issue...just dehydration!


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Hmmmm i think our problems are the suit is just soooooOoo tight! It reall makes it impossible or painfull for me to bend at any joint fully. Also the other problem is because of our lower chest assembly harness we have to put the chest armor on before a lot of things which again makes it less possible to move LOL.

Once the chest armor is on i physically cant look down to see any of my costume or i choke myself LOL

I think this time of dressing i will go the logical way and put the lower bits on first like the boots and shins lol.

Awesome pics Moncal and a lot of help! Thank you!!!


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I TRY to build my costumes with getting in to them on my own in mind, but I've discovered, not only is that not always possible, it's sometimes necessary to sacrifice the ability to get in to them on your own for the ability to get out of them on your own! And rarely do I remember to put on things like knee armor before putting on boots - which always makes things entertaining for anyone watching me. I've also learned to take any and every opportunity to go to the bathroom. Even if you don't really have to go. Nuthin' worse than trying to get out of allll that gear in a hurry in a tiny bathroom stall.

Thanks for the pics, Moncal.....great reference pics for getting geared up but also for how all of the individual pieces work together!


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Kathy can use the bathroom without too much trouble. She takes off the chest armor, hoses, skirt, and cummerbund in the hall or wherever we are adn it's not too tough to put back on.

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I just saw this thread! Wow, nice tutorial MonCal. I am lucky cause I don't have a harness system on mine, which allows a lot more free-er movement. My chestplating attatches at the neck and the plastic goes all the way over my shoulders, curves around the neck and holds down pretty fine without a harness. I also didn't have to put more holes in the vest.


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Question from a newbie to Zam...

Couldn't you make the cummerbund thingie close in the front, hidden under the greeblie? Keep it laced in the back for minor adjustments, but then it would be faster to take on and off, yes?

The trick would be hiding that effectively.

And wow, great tutorial. Very intimidating, this outfit.

Deunan Shiruba


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You "could" but, not only would it not be accurate, but I don't think it would really help. I think it would be very difficult to hide how it was attached as well, even behind the greeblie, because it does move around. I don't remember ZIA or any of the other Zammers having too much difficulty with this part of the costume - though, I could be wrong.


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Okay, newbie question again...

Has anyone considered asking a custom wetsuit shop to tailor the neoprene for them? They have patterns, experience, and access to neoprene that we costumers don't. I am putting in inquiries now, do you want me to post what I find out?

It just seems logical to ask the people who do neoprene outfits for a living to help out.




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Ermm.... good question. I don't think anyone has asked. Worth a shot I suppose - though wetsuits are usually a different type of neoprene (meaning the outside isn't fabric covered). I know we have a few scuba shops in my area, but I don't know if they do custom work... Seattle probably has a better chance of that.

Let us know how that works out! :)