kiffren's Jango build


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I've had most of my parts for years but I'm finally getting around to finishing it.

  • Helmet - NME props small, painting in progress
  • Armor - DHPFX small size vac formed
    • still need to make shoulders
  • Knees - ordered from bobamaker
  • Gauntlets - 3D printing in progress
  • Flightsuit
    • Need to take it to my tailor and get the short sleeves added on and buttonholes made for the knees and lower leg armor
    • also need to remove all the pockets
  • vest - ordered from bobamaker
  • jetpack - 3D printing, haven't started yet
    • need to figure out how to mount it
  • westars - 3D printing, haven't started yet
  • girth belt and holsters - from a local leather worker
  • gloves - not sure where I got them but they're navy blue leather
  • boots - crow
  • paint: I've sourced almost all my paint, just need to swing by home depot for the last color I need for my jetpack.
I'm having difficulty locating exactly which switches and buttons I'm supposed to get for my gauntlets. Could anyone help me with that?

Photos are potato quality because of yellow-ish indoor lights.








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I've made a fair bit of progress recently. My helmet has it's paint on, it just needs dirt and the stripes. Paint isn't perfect on my helmet so I'm hoping the dirt hides the imperfections. It looks pretty good from a few feet away though. Lighting also hides the dent on the helmet. My jetpack needs a little bit more sanding and priming and then it'll be ready for paint. I have all the greeblies for my gauntlets, just need to assemble them. Sorry for slightly potato quality photos, I do all my work at night and my phone doesn't like the lighting.

unnamed (3).jpg

unnamed (2).jpg

unnamed (1).jpg

unnamed (4).jpg



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So I finally got out of paramedic school and had some time to finish up some of this. Made some pretty decent progress this week. My jetpack is now assembled! And fully painted! I just have to make it dirty but I had to touch up some paint I accidentally scratched while gluing so I want that to fully dry before I apply dirt.


I've also gotten my helmet fully painted, just waiting on my ears which are coming with the rest of my bobamaker order. I do want to know, is this dirty enough? I included some glamour shots of dirt.


And finally, I have knees! One is a raw 3D print the other has already been filled and sanded and is ready for rub n buff.


As for the rest:

  • I'm still waiting on my bobamaker order which has my vest, ears for my helmet, knee greeblies, and a set of knees.
  • My gauntlets need to be assembled but I now have all the greeblies. I'm just overwhelmed by the amount of detail in them so I've been putting that off.
  • The rest of my armor is all silver but not dirty yet
  • Still haven't taken my flight suit to my tailor. Probably will be the last thing I do before final assembly.
  • westars .... yeah I've been putting this off. 3D printing them is a pain for post processing and I don't really want to buy resin ones but idk. I'll figure it out eventually.
  • I need a helmet suspension system, gonna use a hard hat just haven't done it yet
  • I need a jetpack harness


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Still making slow progress. I have almost everything to finish my gauntlets, just need to finish painting the outside box and pick up some piano hinges. I should have them done this week. My rocket is currently on it's way, I went for a metal one. Jetpack is now done! And appropriately grimy. Helmet got a bit more grime, and knees are now painted.

In exciting news my bobamaker order is now in the country! I'm super excited since it has pretty much everything else I need to finish my build. Hopefully I can start actually assembling soon.




I also have a handy spreadsheet to help me keep track of what needs to be done
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It feels like I make such small baby steps...yet I've spent so many hours on this.

Helmet is done! Jetpack is done! Gauntlets are done (kinda, my rocket is still in the mail)! knees are done! Armor is painted, weathered, and has snaps glued on. Flightsuit is with my tailor, my vest will go to my tailor shortly, I'm basically there...just need to attach.

I'm remaking my boot armor tonight, I'm probably going to start printing my westars either this four day or next four day. My printer has been kinda busy printing some halo armor for me.

And onto pictures! First up, lower legs

And now glamor shots of the armor. My thighs were camera shy and hiding on my workbench.


And armor status excel sheet


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Sorry been busy with work and trying to be patient waiting on my flightsuit.

The knees pictured are bobamaker ones, my 3D printed ones are backups but I think I'm going to print another set that is shorter. Here are the bobamaker and 3D printed ones side by side

IMG_8003.jpg IMG_8004.jpg