Keyhole details in MoM/ROTJ

I was looking through the refCD pictures and noticed that on the MOM helmet, there are what appears to be 2 long, skinny thumbscrews, possibly similar to what's on a computer cable sticking out through the keyholes in the back of the MoM/ROTJ bucket. With the recent discovery of the details of the inside of the Empire bucket, I was wondering if anyone knew what was in the back of the Jedi bucket?

I was originally going to go with putting screen wire back there, but am now thinking of going with something like the 2 thumbscrews attached to a flat piece of plastic raised with 4 posts like someone was offering for the ESB details. With it raised far enough from the inside of the curve it should still give a little bit of ventilation right?

Whew...long post for a new thread, but what does everyone think?
I know that the detail was identified as the MQ-1 Calculator gust as far as the circuit board there. It is still up in the air as to what the 2 thumb screws are as of yet. They almost look like tire caps but upon close examination, tire caps would be way too big.

I am doing an SB and what I decided to do is, I have a resin copy of the MQ-1 guts and will attach it to the inside of the key slot detail at the top and bottom. Then I will put in some screen or fabric on either side of the calc guts so I can get some ventilation.
i didn't actually see any circuitry in the MoM version, I know the MQ1 was there in the ESB, but is it the same on the Jedi? Didn't look like it from the one picture I saw, but I could be wrong...
It's the MQ-1 board in both the Jedi and ESB:

ROTJ MOM hemet: (Brak's photo)
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