Kamino Saberdart stand


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Kamino Saberdart AND stand!

Heres a little something i made today. I'm waiting on a Kamino Saber dart from Russrep and i wanted to have it displayed nicely. So i whiped this up. I used an existing toy and modified it. It started out as one of those swivel Stormtrooper figures. The base was one color and after i removed the figure there were 1/2 inch holes from his feet. So i filled them in with bondo and sanded smooth and repainted it,base coat of flat black and the dry brushed in silver,viking blue and metallic purple and my lovely wife printed out a new label for my dart. I left the center disc flat black so the dart really stands out. I wanted the display base to look nice but not draw the eye away from the prop. It was fun! I will update it with a pic of the dart on it once it arrives And it still swivels!

What do ya think!??think it'll look nice settin on this ?

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Zam and Jango

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Nice work!


Lookin' good. Very creative. Be sure to send a "finished product" photo so we can check out your handiwork in all it's glory.

:zam -Jacq.


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That's an awesome idea! I've been changing my saberdart stand out periodically because I just can't find something I'm happy with. I might have to give your design a try ;)


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Heres the dart with the stand :) I know the pic is that great but you get the idea.
I might still add a short length of clear acylic rod to the base to raise the dart a bit off the stand,and put a light in the base to light it all up through the rod.
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