Just gotta ask: Girth Belt

E2K13 did a little research on this, and found that they appeared to be one in the same. I think the image that he was referencing was in the old image hosting, sorry.

Ok, so, to sum it up...they are the same color, If you want a great girth belt see E2K13.

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Actually, the girth belts are the same, but the color and connection methods are different. In all cases the girth belt is a white/natural mohair horse girth with a diagonal weave. However, the pre-prod/ESB Fett is Dark Brown while ROTJ Fett is Dark Red.

Additonaly, the jury is still out on how the belt was connected in the back. Most agree that two 1" wide black straps were used to connect the four buckles on the girth. The straps were sewn to the buckels on one end, and buckled (like a regular belt) on the other end. The question is what material was used? Was it nylon (like in the MOM and ASW displays), was it leather (some think leather is screen accurate), or was it an elastic strap?

Here is the thread with the above information and detailed steps on how to die a girth:

In general, if you have to ask if there is a difference, there usually is. :D Differences between the movies, differences between sceens in the movies and differences between the various tour displays, pre-pro photos, and Special Eddtions. Very frustrating ... I know, but pick one you like and run with it, or mix and match. It's totally up to you.

BTW, the search engine can be your friend.
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We came to the determination that the ESB and the ROTJ were the same color from a couple pictures.
They are both a deep Maroon where the Pre Pro is a brown.
There is an excellent picture that I had posted of Boba Fett standing on the bridge of The Executor in ESB where you can clearly see the deep maroon.
Now that the Picture hosting is down, I will have to find other means of showing that but maybe someone can offer a good pic.
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Found 1 from my interest thread from ESB that shows the maroon in the girth but the other one that was hosted on the CD Reference had the light catching it well enough to see the maroon very clearly.

bobaesb_2 copy.jpg
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The picture is not showing up for me, but I will take your word for it. I thought I had searched all the threads regarding the color of the girth, but I guess I missed the final determination of the color. Thanks for setting me straight. :)

Any concensus on the quantitiy and mixture of RIT dies, to get the correct girth color?

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It's a long held misconception that the ESB girth is dark brown. It does appear to be very similar in color to the ROTJ girth. I feel it's probably more saturated and less washed out than the ROTJ girth, but definitely more maroonish than brown.
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They are nicely colored belts when dyed. I've seen a big pile of them at his house once while he was getting them ready to ship out to various TDH members. ;)
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