Just got my CA boots!


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I just got my CA boots today. I wear a 10.5 in shoes, and I ordered a 10 after the guy told me they tend to run a half size large. These fit perfectly! One thing I noticed right away is that there is hardly any grip to them. I walked out into my kitchen and immediately slipped. :p Fetthunter was right though, I have to learn to walk funny with these toe spikes on. Sort of walk like normal, but stop rolling my foot about half way through. So I have some questions:

1) This is some pretty soft outer material, softer than I was expecting. What is the consensus on weathering these things? Dusting with black and doing brush touch-ups?

2) This is a question that I'm more immediately concerned with. I've seen photos of the ankle spats actually attached to the boots in some manner. I assume that people that do this just dab a little shoe-goo onto the front of the spat to lock in place? Is this even the most popular way of wearing the spats? I've seen both ways: attached and separate, but it seems to me that the separate spats would slip around. Which way is best?

I've never had any problems with the spats slipping around. Maybe if you hand sew a little tab of velcro, one half on the boot and the other on the spat... just a thought. i wear my Boba boots to work sometimes... I love the clicking sound of the spikes tapping on the flaoor as I walk... just like spurs on a pair of cowboy boots.
Haha, I was considering wearing mine to class this afternoon, but thought it'd be best not to, considering I would have weapons on my toes. :p But I can always take them off.

I'll take the velcro tab into consideration. That sounds like a good idea though, in case I ever needed to remove them.
Hey, those spikes look sharp ... my current ones are sharp as well. Just 3 little suggestions:

1) Be careful when walking in the grass ... you can trip very easily!
2) Don't walk near curtains of any kind ... you'll tear them apart!
3) Watch out for the little chilren who want to walk right in front of ya ... or at least have somebody watchin' for ya!
I don't have my spats attached to anything, and I have noticed in just the short time I've worn my costume to take pics, they do slip a little bit.
I might try that velcro idea! I have velcro on just about every other part of my costume anyway. :D
I slide the end of the spat through the loop at the end of the boot, then fold it down. I've never had any trouble with the spat slipping.
I finished painting and weathering my boots just now. I first painted them with KILZ "Calling Bird" blue to match my gauntlets and future helmet, just like in the Holiday Special. But the cool part was that the black still shows through. Anyways, I used that tutorial linked above to weather my bootses.

Whipped up the ankle wraps tonight. Too late to weather them, though, I'll have to do that tomorrow.


But I also threw on the gear tonight to see what it was starting to look like. I need to tweak the jet pack harness, it's pushing my chest armor out, and I DEFINITELY need to upgrade to a better collar/backplate setup.

"We will meet again, friend."
I don't see a costume, are you sure it even exists? ;)

Great job with that HS Fett, I sure hope no one tries to block that from the 501st. What else do you need to do in order to completely finish your costume?

Good work!! Friend...

Well the remaining components I need are a helmet, gloves, and the tuning fork (which I have personally dubbed the "electroprod" or "electroprod rifle"). I have the tunic fork somewhat under construction, though the pace will pick up on that soon enough. I have leads on the other parts, but I don't know the status of them at the moment. My goal is to have all the components done by the last week or two of November so I can start tweaking and refitting. I'm also trying to lose some weight (I got real skinny last week some time, but I gained it all back!). First run is December 2nd!

At the moment, I'm not concerned with getting it into the 501st - I'm just concerned with getting it finished! But I believe I have three sources available if there is any dispute anyways: Holiday Special, Droids, and I *believe* there was an action figure card from way back when that had the HS Fett on it. So if canonicity is an issue, I have my three sources (provided that the action figure card does exist). But I'm not worried about it. The Almighty Tambo seems impressed with my progress, and that's all I really need. All hail Tambo! :D
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