Just finished the front side of my armor.


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Hey all! It's been a while. I went back to school and haven't had much time to do anything lately. I couldn't stand it though, so I have set my homework aside for the last two weeks and this I what I ended up with. I even made my own decals. This is my first attempt at armor so please don't be too harsh. I know the armor is a little small but it is good fiberglass work. It is very evenly laid and the price wasn't too high either. I thought, if nothing else, it would be good practice, and it'll do 'till I move back home. I have a blacksmith friend who is going to make a set of metal armor for me eventually.

Weathered Collar 001 Sm.JPG

Weathered Torso 001 Sm.JPG

Weathered Cod 002 Sm.JPG

Weathered Shoulders 008 Sm.JPG


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Thanks. Here's a picture of it with my braids. And a few before I reworked some of the dents. You can see one of the dents in the shoulder piece highlighted by the camera flash but there were two.

Front Complete Set 003 Sm.JPG

Collar Premod.JPG

Left Chest Premod.JPG

Right Shoulder Premod.JPG
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meaning the modifications that has to be made to every detail that's on there, I filled al the dents and what were supposed to be chest slots, and cut my own out and dremelled my onw in. I also made the area for the chest diamond more accurate to what it should be.