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Hey guys,
as the title suggests, i am curious about a piece of my gauntlet, and a mod i wanted to do to it.

I want to put a working flamethrower onto my gaunt, and a gas powered rocket launcher, with foam darts. Just wondering exactly how illegal it is to to this? i saw a guy on you tube tat did it with a boba, so maybe i can get away with it as long as its not fired up in public?:facepalm
I understand what you wish to achieve but believe me this is a BAD idea (well the flame thrower anyway). I would hate to see you get burnt so please don't do it.

the rocket launcher with foam darts sounds good though :)
Yeah, thought it might be a bad idea, just wanted the experts input;)

the rocket foam darts are defiantely going ahead, but i will still built the thrower, possibly replacing the flame with the much less lethal water, or "silly string" type concoction.

thanks for the advice guys:)
anyone else think that the repitition of the real flamethrower is getting to be annoying? it should be at the top of the armor forum.

It's easy to make one, and it's not really that dangerous if you're not careless, however most people are. But it's a short lived trick, and beyond that not safe to take anywhere. No one is going to let you troop in gear that could cause others serious harm. Even when using flammable, but not explosive material, there is still a possibility that something can catch fire, burn, melt etc. and to a basic costumer it's not worth a risk.

Go with the squirt gun idea if you want it to fire

I think you would be a lot better off if you rigged the flamethrower to let out a small trickle of smoke like it had just been used.

Well it would be safer, anyways.
I would say abort that whole project.

#1) Very unsafe ... if something were to fail, you could be in very serious trouble
#2) Showing it off in public won't get ya anywhere. You're just gonna scare everybody.
#3) There aren't too many places where ya'd be allowed to use any of this.
Yeah, I'd ditch that project. The flamethrower is a cool idea at first, but after it blows up, it could cause serious trouble. I thought that I'd hook my gauntlests (when I get around building them) with supersoaker, and use water instead of fire. There are problems in that department also, as the weight of the water tanks woud be too great. Also, incorporating the waterpressure system of the soaker woud be a problem too. And, you cannot use either of these anywhere anyhow, so what would be the point..
And in the following to that, last new year brought another bad idea up my mind, that of using your jet pack rocket slot to launch real new year's rockets. The tought came up to me as I looked the concept drawings showing Fett in one knee, ready to launch the rocket. A VERY bad idea, as the launching will most likely ruin the paintjob in your helmet, backpack and armour, and could cause burns throug the vest. And that is with a succesfull launch. Just imagine what would happen if the rocket would explode in your back? Same thing that would result if you flamethrower goes in your wrist... baaaaad idea..
Yes a real flamethrower is a bad idea, very bad but you might also want to consider that with water or silly string being fired from your gaunt; anyone over the age of 12 is not gonna be happy with you if they get wet or covered in silly string.
While I think every male here secretly would like to take a whirl test firing a flamethrower on some level, but definitely not one sticking out of a highly flammable costume...I know there's a guy who sells the plans to build one on Ebay, but are you willing to take your life in your own hands by following the plans from "some guy" on Ebay? In the days of TV shows/movies of such "greats" like "Jackass," that probably is a really dumb question as folks seem to enjoy harming themselves when cameras are pointed at them these days...

How about instead of silly string or a squirt gun, maybe use lasers (like from a laser pointer of course) or simple leds instead? They're alot less inclined to make you burst into flames...:D

And in the following to that, last new year brought another bad idea up my mind, that of using your jet pack rocket slot to launch real new year's rockets.

I had the smae thought for a 4th of July celebration. But I decided against it because it would most likely destroy the jet pack ... and mostly because of what could happen if the rocket failed to launch.
WHenever this issue that comes up, I always think "are you in this for the costume or for the flamethrower?" I have met some people who want to make costumes just so they can have something like that.

For example, someone approached me the other week and said "hey, you're the guy that was in the Boba costume. My friend's is better, it has a working flamethrower" Not to be an elitist or anything, but it wasn't, he paid no attention to detail and I sold him MY old set of armor, so I know the quality. It just really irks me when people want to build a costume for the sole sake of having a working weapon it.

Not saying you are one of these people, I'm just speaking from experience.

Silly string would be cool though.
i've been talking to vader's pet, and although we COULD do it, we wont :p, the thing i am doing is foam darts like nerf darts in the gauntlet, but they will only work when they are loaded, ie, you have to insert a dart into the launcher every time you want to use them. also never leaving the gauntlet loaded
Speaking with my admin hat on here...

TDH does NOT recommend building a working flame thrower into your costume. This is EXTREMELY dangerous and is most likely illegal in most locations.

Please refrain from discussing any plans to do so on these forums. Thank you.
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