Just another scatchbuilt

Just another scratchbuilt

I still haven't really gotten around to the real smooth sanding and "bondoing", but there's more parts to create in any case.

I ended up purchasing a scope, but other than that, I haven't bought anything for it. The blaster is made from wood taken from a scrap pile outside a box factory, some pvc I didn't need for my jet pack project, and a heavily modified Pringles tube with a type of plastic silverish looking film. Still not really attached, and I might up replacing it with something better. And the scope is slightly sloped I just noticed.

I am currently trying to make the back piece of the chamber, with the hammer and that.

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Wow, that's coming along nicely!
rocking already
She is looking sweet.

She thanks you all :D

By the way, I did not use a pvc pipe for the barrel... I could not bare the thought of having a barrel with one single diameter. So it actually has roughly the right 2 diameters! Only a piece of pvc sheet. Still sturdy. And I'm soo proud of myself.

Sadly I haven't had very much time for my project the past couple of days, so no real progress. Except I did buy myself a fairly accurate scope, and made the mount. Still looking to get those blasted connectors. For fun I searched for the connectors on a number of companies, and eventually found some for €0.36 each. Really nice price! Sadly, they wanted me to buy a thousand :D Anyone up for a few hundreds?

Or maybe I should just beat my budget oriented mind, and buy them for $2.5 each. Oh well, lots to be done before I'm finished in any case.

After a lot of pondering, I've decided to get some of this blue construction foam for the greeblies and rear chamber. Not at all for it's sturdiness, but it is cheap, easy to work with, and those are pieces which really doesn't require that much strength.

Oh well. A bit more progress; and I'll update those photos.