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Hey Sorry Im not good at this introducing Osik but uhh Suc'uy I guess Ive been Watching for a while and you seemed decent so I Thought id introduce Myself, And Tell you all That im planning on Making a Custom Perhaps Trash can dunno Its hard to find things in the Uk...Im working on the Design at the mo and il post it as soon as my scanner isn't A Di'kut...Oh and in case you havent noticed Im Learning Mando'a And Getting Better by the day! I was thinking Black And crimson For the Paint scheme Un original so im told But I like it :lol: I was thinking of a crimson Visor Lit up by LED's and such you think its too Ambitious? Sorry if I go on, Bad habit I know, Any Intel Appreciated, and Suc'uy To you all!


Te Tay'haai
If you Help...Gal'gala?:cheers

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They should call you mc run-on.

Just kidding, welcome to TDH, I dont speak any mand'a, but I dont know if any others here do either.

Welcome, and have fun.


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good to see another british costumer...im pretty new here to...and im also leaning mando'a....the republicv commando books are a great resource for this aswell....i think its triple zero....but one of them has an appendix at the back that explains all the mando'a words used in the book...and there are quite a few...quite a lot of vode here...im sure you'll do fine...ps im also doin mostly crimson with a hint of black lol...they seem to be the noob colours lol (no offence to all the crimson and black non noobs)

suc'uy vode


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I'm not a member of your site, so I'm posting this here:

Better delete the first link. That's completely fanon list of words, nothing official. You only confuse everyone with that. And you better watch out that no LFL member sees that link to the Culture article scan... that's not exactly legal. ;)

Sorry to bug you, just me two cents...^^

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Thanks Everybody, The scanner likes me so tomorrow Il probably post the pics and Im also making a Custom Preeety much from scratch blaster...Im gonna be busy as hell on the apocalipse...Theres The Knifes shethes for said knives Bandolier-belt Holster for blaster and maybe a Rifle...Then the armour.

Oh and if anyone Plays SWG...Yes I have no life...and proud of it too...Im at Laothin Kendari On Wanderhome Your Resident Jedi Mando'ade


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welcome bro. i have scratch built my entire Boba Fett costume (except for the few upgrades). I built my armour from an old wheelie bin (see pic) [edit] and an earlier pic showing some of the grey wheelie bin unpainted


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Brilliant Boba Armour there Ronin I thought about Making mine from a Wheelie bin but theyre Quite hard to Aquire So I thought about making it from Thermoplastic sheet...Also failed Seriously its like finding a wampa on Mustafar Plastic Sheeting is not easy to find Tried Wilkes, B&Q Both warehouses, Hobbycraft...Although I did pick up a hotmelt Gluegun and a not-quite-Dremel A rotary Tool kit Really...soon as I figure out how to use it im on my way! I also saw a Venator Model kit that looked interesting...but not to get distracted In the meantime for my search Ive been working on a blaster pistol, Modeled using milliput Mostly Ive been told It looks Vong'ish so il post pics When I get time See what you guy's think Sorry I havent Posted my designs but Once more The Scanner failed and is now Rusting With many Hammershaped holes in it..I'd had a bad day so when I get time il sketch it in paint I also picked up a pair of Polystyrine balls No Jokes please Im sure Ive used them all myself, Being Hyper's fun...Which Im planning on usig to cover a pair of pins in the chest plates which will fit a pair of eyelets in a cloak holding it to the armour but also making it removable if I do so Choose Because as we all know Armour isnt the subtlest of Garments Hope your all well and Any help on the Attachments Would be considerably Helpful, Oh I almost forgot, I was in Asda Looking for Yes Youve Guessed it, Trashcans, Now I saw two types They were labeled and i quote "Roll top" and "Bullet" Now Which is the one thats usable? They looked a little thin when I saw them Im Guessing at Three Mill Cause they were kind of flimsy and I dont want to waste a tenner to find out that its thermosetting plastic and it ruins all my work...Also where can I get leather for the holsters? Sorry If Ive gone on again but any help would be Greatfully accepted namely beacuse short of the blaster Im thinking i wont get it done by Celebration Europe Oh and I decided on a crimson Visor by the way heh Random but meh heh

Thanks in advance
Te Tay'haai