jumpsuit possibilities


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With a little modification a candidate for the jumpsuit ww801 :confused

It looks as though the internal pockets can be removed as can the pocket flaps, the only problem is the side pockets but these might be hidden be the girth belt and ammo pouches etc
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Looks a lot like the original suit I started with. Mine had internal, side pockets as well and you never coudl see them with the belts and armor over them. If you want to install lights in your chest plate, leave the chest pocket. Depending on which lights you have, it could come in handy for holding elecronics.

Are you working on a ROTJ or ESB? The grey suit I can see, but the blue...see my post I just left for "never_risk_the_fett_man".

I am going for a fixed Fett. The armour and bucket are to be ESB but the flightsuit and jet pack are to be ROTJ. I guess its the stage in between the films which we never got to see :lol:
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