jumpsuit follies

Hi, I'm new here and trying my best to build myself a Fett. I think I may have made a few errors though.
n reading through the threads it seams that Skygunbro and Bobamaker make the best jumpsuits, and I kinda made an impulse buy for a Starfortress one based on the fact that a while back tk409 recommended them, but now he doesn't. I'm starting to feel that may have been a bad move. I ordered it a week ago.

Any suggestions on what I should do, and do skygunbro and bobamaker have websites?

Hi DB,
Welcome to TDH!
I haven't personally had dealings with Starfortress. . . but from what I've read, I'd classify them as a vendor to stay away from. I've heard way more bad than good where they are concerned.

Both of the other folks you mentioned do good work! (y)
If you do a google or yahoo search for their names, I'm sure you can easily find their sites.

Welcome Desert Beagle. I also have not dealt with Starfortress, but I've heard good and bad, depending on the product. Like I remember seeing someone here with Jango gloves that seemed to be way off the mark. There have been a few people selling SF jumpsuits on here, I didn't think they looked too bad. I think the majority would say either Bobamaker or Skygunbro are the way to go. You can also look either member up in the members list, and I think they both have website links in their profile
I HAVE personally dealt with SFP.
I hope you have better luck than I did.
Unfortunately, my thread titled "Starfortress sucks" has been deleted by the Mods.
In a nutshell, it took me over a year to get a jumpsuit from them .
I had to get my Jumpsuit replaced by them 3 times (with measurements each time), with me paying shipping.
I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but in reality, they just suck.

In the end, I just gave up.
I have the last SFP in my closet. But I doubt I'll use it. Still lavendar & still doesn't fit right.
SFP is a crapshoot... some of their stuff is good, some REALLY bad, and it can take months to get your stuff (and if there's a problem, months to resolve)

Personally, I'd go with skygunbro. I've got one of his suits now, and whenever I need a new one I'm 100% sure I'll be going to him again!
Thanks for the help guys. If in fact I do get the jumpsuit then from what I'm hearing I'll probably just turn around and sell it on ebay again to recoup some of the cost then hassel for months with it.

I found bobamaker's site, and he definately has some good looking stuff.
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