JP + BP (sintra) Need To Know

Eht Eno

Okay I have doing alot of research on this site and some others. Also went to see the local Sintra dealer. All said the same or somewhat the say .

Sintra can be screwed, has anyone tried this with the backplate? Bascially making it into one piece? I do realize this might be an issue if you have to repaint or anything,just a little bit curious.
On my jet pack, I made a wood inner structure. The I glued and screwd the back plate on. I worked well. But you will never be able to get back into your Jet Pack again.
I used plain old dry-wall screws to fix the central pipe to the main board of sintra in my pack and also to attach the "hangers" for my harness system. Worked pretty good.

However, sintra isn't that strong and with enough force the screws could pull out. I also used glue with them for additional support.
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