Journeyman's ESB Jumpsuit w/ vest


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Hey folks,

*I will continue to show updates of my costume in this thread, new additions will be shown here and previous ones can be viewed on my picture site.

just click on 'Fett 2.0'

Hey folks,

Just got my jumpsuit back from RA. This was sewn with material I provided. I couldn't be happier with it. I can't wait to beat it up a little and get the grunge going on this thing. It looks a little baggy in the crotch because I don't have a belt on to pull it up. I messed around in photoshop to give an impression of how things might look with it. Pretty crappy PS'ing I know, but hey...


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Thanks for looking!
just happened to have it there, and I was eating Pez :)

I also thought it might give some reference to rough size. Other than that just a fun thing to do ;)

Thank MM,
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Lookin' sweet Phil . . . what's that thing beside the kick ass Pez dispenser? :p

Looks good man . . the gunmetal grey is nice . . gives is a nice real look!

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Thanks guys!

I really like the gunmetal also. I think I might wash some copper or gold into it to make it look more rusted or old. I'll toy with it some more when I can, more pics as it progresses :)

Thanks for looking,
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Where did you get the reference pic from? I need some good ESB Ref Pics.
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Looks very nice Phil!!! Nice idea to use the darker gunmetal color, adds a nice touch of realism.

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Great Lookin gauntlets JMP im diggin the gunmetal color but just one question how come you have all kinds of responses but you never let the Cheat answer any e-mails?
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Thanks everyone, the ref shot is actually another members gauntlet. I'll post it in a few for anyone who wants a closer look at it, gotta upload it to my host first.

Here we go:

As for the Cheat, I don't control him. He comes and goes as he pleases lol. But I understand that he's, 'To the Limit' ;)


Thanks everyone!

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That looks great JMP keep up the good work. Just wanted to know have you ever done any of the commercials for monster truck shows. SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SOMEDAY!!! :lol:
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Hey thanks for all the compliments guys/gals. I love the gunmetal myself. Makes it look nice and used in person. And in photos the flash lightens it up a bit.

I'm just going to turn this thread into my ongoing costume progression thread. I expect to have updates on the left gauntlet, my mystery helmet, and my new sidearm blaster posted before the week is through.

Keep checking back :)

Thanks again!
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Can anyone please tell me how come I can't find someone who makes these? Do I live under a rock? Am I that blind and not looking hard enough? Try making one? I think not. The people here have more talent that I do in my little finger. I tried looking on past posts and nothing. Any help will be great. Here or PM me.

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I'm in the same boat. I just recently decided to go ESB Boba and now I can't even find what I need!

A hush-hush PM about where to get one of those flamethrowers would be really great.

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