Joe's Mandalorian Beskar Build


I totally agree...I know his prints are from the Great Ape files, so I'm wondering what accounts for the differences?
Can you tell me what looks wrong about the chest diamond as well as the half beskar thigh plate? I'd like to address it with him.

He might just have bad pictures then since I can't see it very well on his IG.

I think it's pretty common to lose some detail when you mold, but that's my own conjecture since I've never cast a mold myself. I've only 3D printed stuff. I know vacuu forming loses detail too since the edges aren't as sharp as fiberglass.

If he's using Great Ape though then you should be in good shape. I still think it's the best 3D designs right now.

The details that don't look right to me are the actual weird putty type damage on the thigh and that little recess below the chest diamond. Again, his IG photos aren't very clear though. You'd have to have him send a picture actually showing his armor.
chest detail.PNG

mando thigh detail.PNG


First update in awhile.

Decided to not go with ESCProps since the armor sizing and fitting of the soft goods wasn't correct for my measurements and ending up selling it all.

Just got Sines Leather and everything seems pretty nice. Had to add some Weldwood on the cylinder pouch on the belt since the glue was coming off that was already placed there. As well as a simple plier bend on the belt buckle since I couldn't get it to fit through the hole. Very minor to get it to fit right. I'm debating if I want to leave the buckle loop with nothing on it or glue some velcro onto it since it needs to be pretty snug to stay in the belt buckle hole on the other side.

Showing the velcro adjustment vertical piece and the actual belt buckle since the system Sines created works pretty well to be adjustable so you can get a good fit.

I went with measurements of where my actual pants sit since I figured Mando's cummerbund will end right around where my pants sit and it seems to have worked out great. For instance, measurements over my belly button are about 35-36 inches, but where my pants sit the measurement is more close to 37-38 inches.




Thanks for the reply. I have the leg pieces from Sines minus the cylinders, so am planning on ordering the belt when the store opens again and was just curious.