JFJ\'s MH - update 8/7 Just about done!

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JFJ's MH - update 8/7 Just about done!


Like several others, I too just recieved my Marrow_Sun helmet.

Here it is with visor mostly trimmed, compared to my DP97:




I also grabbed the correct green face shield :)

I'm hope to start Bondoing and sanding the wee imperfections later today.
Received mine too about three weeks ago.....AWESOME!!

Question did you notice that the resin ear piece on the Range Finder does not line up correctly to the base on the helmet???
I mean even after I sanded my ear piece its still a little off.
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Mine lined up perfectly, got any pics of yours?

I'll post photos of my progress so far. I worked on it as soon as I got it non-stop, so it's been Bondo'd and primed and sanded and primed and sanded and now its getting coats of silver. I'll let it dry a few days and then I'll airbrush the Panzer Olive Green and scratch off the scratches, as per Rogue Studio's tutorial
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These helmets look great - keep the pics coming. Is the range finder hollow or solid resin?

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Now that's what I'm talking 'bout! :D
Glad to see you're working on it so rigorously man. I'm trying to work on mine too but I don't alot of spare time. I have the untrimmed kit, so I'm in the process of dremmeling the visor area out.

2 Questions...
First, since the top keyhole is a little wider than the rest, I'm debating whether to cut it out just the way it is, or should I fix it up and bondo?
Secondly, As I'm cutting out the visor area, I'm wondering what the accurate thickness of the visor area should be? (the thickness of the fiberglass between the welding shield and the front of the helmet...am I making sense?! :p)


PS: woohoo, 600posts! :lol:
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The rangefinder and post are both solid resin. Im probably ordering an aluminum post and may just use my DP rangefinder head.

I cut the keyholes the way they were, Ill check again when I get home but I didn't notice much of a size difference.

As for the thickness of the visor area (I think I know what you mean), I trimmed it to about 1 - 1.5 cm...again, I'' double check when I get home from school.
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Looking good JFJ! Did you airbrush on the silver or is it straight from a can?
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Straight from the can :)

The only reason I havn't done the colours yet is I have to use my friend's airbrush, and he's moving right now.
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If anyone's bored, watch me paint my helmet on my webcam!

If you have MSN messenger, add graeme_ring@hotmail.com and watch me painting the grey scratches! Sounds exciting, no?

EDIT: All done for tonight. I'll post progress pics soon.
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These marrow_sun helmets are getting everywhere, they are excellent though, has anyone got any comparison pics between the marrow helmet and a sgt fang mystery helmet?
Are there any differences?
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Here are a few pics. So far just the Panzer Olive Green airbrushed on, and some scratches and the Lark's Grey. I really like the colours.




Excuse the mess around the kill stripe area, a masking boo-boo...and that last pic looks really dirt for some reason.

Even after 3 primer coats and 4 chrome coats that dried for about a week, the green didn't scratch off that easily and sometimes it went right down to the fibreglass...Well I am going to touch up the silver anyway.
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Looks fantastic so far!!! It's gonna be a terrific bucket me thinks:) keep those progress pics coming:)
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man! you guys are doing some kick asse jobs on these helmets!!

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Looks Great! - The paint job is awesome.

Where can I get a T-Visor like yours - it looks exactly like your face :lol:

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Now you are getting me so jealous Jr!
I am waiting on my replacement key slot detail from Marrow cause the one in the helmet i had has a hairline fracture on it. He heard about it and is sending me a new detail in resin but it got chewed up in a postal sorter. You shoulda seen the pictures he sent me of the envelope! It looked like a pit bull got a hold of it! LOL
Anyway, Looking great man!
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