Jet Pack symbols


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Just curious to know if anyone has a template set of accurate ROTJ JP symbols that can be printed on PC??.I contacted Vashstampede to see if he has any stickers available for sale, but in the mean time any help would be GR8


Put me down in the "I need a set too" column. ;)

I contacted Vashstampede last week, but he has long since stopped making JP symbols. :(

hmm... I wonder why the eyes if that dude who'd make these stickers would be any better then your own... remake them by looking real good on a sheet of paper... uh... in paint if ya like...
Free hand them with a pencil (lightly) that way if you make a mistake you can erase it. Then use a Black "Sharpie" permanent marker or paint it on over the pattern you drew with the pencil. Worked like a charm for me. ;)
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