jet pack-mission impossible

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jetpack-mission impossible

I've been let down by a prop builder!
I've got a charity event this weekend and no jet pack. What are my chances of building a jet pack from scratch in four days LOL (slim to none)
Any ideas!! I was thinking card, plywood etc, its only for joe public so accuracy isnt that important (although quite a few of the UK garrison will be there, i'm sure they'll understand)

for a quick one try stryfoam. You can get a big block of it and and a cutter at a local craft store and kind of shape it.

The other option is there is a thread for autocad jet pack dimensions. You can print them out and make one from sintra or foam or card or whateverwith the dimensions already there.

Good luck

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O-boy are you in a pinch.:eek:
I think you can squeeze one out in 4 days if you don't mind enlisting some team work from your friends. Thats my suggestion. The more...the merrier. Basically, a project like this in a short amount of time can & will burn you out if you are trying to beat the clock all by yourself. Don't forget that your going to have glues, bondo, paint & ect. that will have to cure and dry also. If you can have the project going non stop with some help, I think you can make it happen. Good Luck!(y)
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Of course, you could always go without a pack. I've seen several kick-booty costumes without a pack. Who says Fett had to wear it ALL the time? :)

Another option is to find someone's jet pack and harness to borrow over the weekend. Put a call out to fellow TDHers and 501st members. Where do you live?

Is there anyone in your area?

Just a thought...
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Yup, withought. No way will you be able to do one of LisaFett's packs in 4 days, plus have time to paint it. I think no pack is better than a crappy thrown together one.
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Just tell everyone that you left it in Slave 1, or that after seeing Episode II, you stopped wearing it. ;)
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carboard i build my jet pack in two days, i use 3 sheets of cardboard and a large pvc tube and one small too, lot of hotglue and other stuff and voila, jet pack ready to use :)

edit pics added
<img src=>
<img src=>
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Wow, Secol, that's pretty darned impressive! Maybe I ought to make MY next one out of cardboard. Great job!
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Secol, not bad at all.

About the dimensions and blueprints and stuff, (besides LisaFett) you should ask uk-scout for the password for his link for the Jet Pack blueprints. Another source is to follow Mardon's pics of the Cardboard J-Pack he has at the beginning of the "Mardon's Jet Pack project" thread. That will help you out a lot...but not guaranteed to do it in four days, cause you need to paint it, and you don't want to do a sloppy you?

Best advise..."listen to Mirax you must"...go without a JPack, that won't make a difference anyways. Besides, I've seen someone else in this forum that went to a Con or big activity, and he went without the JPack (I think as Jango), but you won't go wrong going without one.

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now i start with a new JP, i have the uk-scout files, but i dont use the file yet, i start the new one based on my actual pack, but ofcourse making the upgrades and all the pack needs :)
i try to post pics, i have the central pipe and the cober of the fuel tanks by now, all made of cardboar, i still have a lot of work to do.
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Nope, I doubt I could have finished a jet pack in four days. Once, when I wasn't finished but wanted to wear something back there, I made a flamethrower. It had real liquid in the back and used a couple of canisters from a bizarre exercise program that I stumbled on. The hoses were just like the clear braided plastic hose but in red, and the shooter part of the flamethrower started with a squirt gun and some acrylic rods. I bent one acrylic rod to be the igniter, and let an acrylic tube be the fuel deliver thingy. I took the squirt gun and removed the external, screw in barrels that held the water and attached the hoses into those holes with glue, then put black caulk around it. It was really just a case of finding some parts and sticking something together in a couple of hours, then painting it. It worked for a day. It wasn't some work of art, but it was better than having an empty back, since my armor is cut out in back for ventilation.

Here's the back canisters with the hoses coming out of the bottom (sitting a little low in this pic):


Here's the shooter part:

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well today was the deadline......
I toyed with the idea of going without, but I dont have a decent back plate so i needed something!
I cobbled together a passable jet pack, finishing it the morning of the event, its not movie accurate but it did the trick and the kids were happy(even though a majority of the called me Jango ?!?)

now i've got time i will get to work on making it more accurate :D

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