Jet Pack beacons... who's making them?


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Jetpack beacons... who's making them?

Hey all, I was looking into who was making jet pack beacons. Preferably the ones I've seen that have the built in light on them, on this board here. Any leads? Also maybe a jet pack stabilizer while I'm at it. Lemme know here, if anyone knows, or PM me:)
Thanks a bunch in advance!


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I got mine from Bigkidbiggertoys. It is machined alm. with a resin top. It doesn't have lights but you could easily put some into it.
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hi guys

Ive got one of Russreps beacons and i stuck a LED light and cable up through it.

heres some pics


JP%20BEA.jpg PICS/JP BEA.jpg
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