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How long does it take to assemble a MB jet pack? What is a good glue and filler to use?

Assembling that pack takes the most time of anything on that costume, especially if you're doing the multi-color ROTJ pack, which I know you are Jay.

I used both hot glue and superglue on various parts. I used the green Squadron putty.

I used the pvc frame system inside like on
Since you are so good at doing the jet packs and I know that you jet pack looks good! Guess who I will be calling when mine gets here! LOL

Mr. Fett,

Excuse my ignorance but what is green putty and where can I find it.

As far as the glue, what brands and techniques work best?

Hope you don't mind but I will take a stab at that question.

Green putty is found at any hobby shop like Hobby Lobby, Hobby Town or an RC store and if for filling in scratches and gaps. There is also a red putty that can be used for smaller scratches and finer detail. They both dry fairly quickly and can be sanded easily. Here is a link to a site that has the putty **they also have glue Red putty at

The following is a link to some good glue. It is like Super glue and comes in different thickness for the different applications.

Technique Tip: If you have a gap in your plastic that you need to fill, a good trick is to apply a little bit of glue around the edge of the gap, slowly sprinkle some baking powder into the glue. The baking soda will bind with the glue and build up a plastic like material that if you keep working your way towards the middle of the gap will fill in the gap. Once the baking powder has filled in the gap, put a little thin glue over it to bind it together. I hope this isn’t too confusing. It works real well and can be easily sanded afterwards. If anyone else has tried this method, you might chime in and explain it a little better. This is best used when the gap is too big for putty or needs to have some structural integrity.

Am I link happy or what :facepalm
Whoa! I've never heard that baking soda trick. Nice one!
I'm almost done assembling my new MB Jet Pack, all I need is a harness. So I'm in need of a harness system, any help/leads would be great -
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RA's is the best one !!!!
I love mine fo' sho'
heres a few photos of it, you can wear it two ways, over the shoulder, or cross your heart style. RA gives you plenty of slack for the perfect fit!!!



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Now is there a special way for both BKBT & RA harness systems to be installed? This is my first time assembling a JP & I just want to get everything down right -

Also, can you guys spot me some prices on these harnesses? Thanks - Jaster
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I happened to ask BKBT the same question on harness pricing a couple days ago...I just shot ya' a PM about it:).
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This thread offers some other ideas, including my own. Also, check out Seeker's custom rig. If I ever redo mine, I'm doing it HIS way!

Mine works great for mid- to heavier-weight packs. It distributes most of the weight down to the hips and waist, instead of the shoulders.

Let us know if you need any more help!
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That shows some promise, Bob, especially if you could replace the buckle with one like Lee found. I just wonder how long it is as you wouldn't want to to stick out below your vest. Some load bearing backs come all the way down to your hips, but I can't tell if this one does or not.

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