Jango into Boba?


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I am in need of a Boba Fett helmet but I don't have the time to make my own. What is the best helmet to get that isn't too expensive but also doesn't require major modding? I am wondering if I could just get a deluxe Jango helm and repaint it, or if there is another helmet out there that I could use.
-I am wondering if I could just get a deluxe Jango helm and repaint it-

That is a good option also Don post 95/96 are good choices and you can get them in the $60 range. Just have to keep on eye on eBay. and make sure that is what your getting ask to see the stamp on the back of the helmet, dont guess or you will get a cheap rubies.
I went for the "cheap" Jango Fett Rubies bucket, and it came out ok...

the ear-piece is a bit of a chalenge, and ur always stuck to the visor replacement. The dent wasn't difficult, just dremel a hole, put somehting in the back and fill it up.. sand... and tada! I actually made the dent after most of the paint job, didn't even damage the paint.


black wash 2.jpg
:) well thnx for the compliment, but uhw... it's a 2002 Rubies Jango...one of those so called collector thingies, 70 bucks or so
ow and I understand BobaMaker makes excellent T-visor replacements, but I just made one of plexi-glas, worked well I gues... but honestly... I'm sure I'll want one of BM's visors on my next bucket.
I found a site a while ago that suggested cutting a face shield and tinting it with Limo-black tint. This shield is the same one used for painting, sanding, etc. Just make sure to cut it about 1/4 to 1/2 inch bigger than the visor hole and use two part epoxy (the clear stuff from an auto parts store) to seal it in.

Good luck. :)
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